Thursday, December 6th, 2012
BB Ambassador

BB Ambassador

Hello Readers,

Its your boy Zebira. Months have passed since you all heard from me but I must say I still felt your love, yearn and prayers. Hope life has been well with you all.
My official top post is on sunday but my itchy fingers felt like running this evening.

I don’t know if this make sense, but right here in Calabar, the era of FEMALE KINGS seems to be rising. Young, Pretty Divas now seem to be showing the dudes the way forward when it comes to hustling. Many ponder if the spirit of our first Lady has ignited the hardworking spirit of our girls.

The Likes of Goodnews Udom, Gift Nkari, Annabel Bassey, Sharon Bassey, Elizabeth Ekpiken, Kiki Williams, Nkemjika O. etc are now not only the talk of the town but of the country and even beyond.

At the just concluded Call To Bar, Barr. Henrietta was honoured and received a standing ovation from former Governor, Mr Donald Duke and his Wife.

These girls who have hearts of a King and Minds of a Queen are slowly making their way to the zenith of fame, success and wealth.

Beauty and Brains is the definition of a diva, boys want girls who have got the charm, charisma, panache and Ego and can hold their own in any sphere of Life.

Let’s keep encouraging these Female Kings. But no matter how hard girls tend to match men, they are still going to carry our “belle”. Lol.

Have fun and Watch out for sunday’s COVER STORY! You sure don’t want to miss it.

FuNNY Corner:

Father: where would u like to go.

Son: to the dentist,need to check my eyes,I can’t hear a thing. .

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Won Award As a Corper

Won Award As a Corper

Fashion Diva

Fashion Diva


One comment on “FEMALE KINGS

  1. joy says:

    Lol…. Male ??


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