So I finally got my writing mojo back and decided to write something out of my comfort zone. Viewer discretion is adviced,you should be at least  umm 17 to read this. Oh and PLEASE keep your judgments to yourself. Seriously, I will sharply delete  any bullshit judgmental comments. Now that we’ve got that covered. Enjoy!
                                                                     RING MY BELLS S. 1 E 1
           ‘OK Liz, don’t over think this. It’s just sex.’ I chanted repeatedly to my reflection in my bathroom mirror, trying to mentally psyche myself for what’s about to go down in the next couple of hours. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I’m not exactly sure what I feel at the moment, there’s just a whole bunch of emotions running through me. I’m excited and nervous and impatient and yes horny. I’m finally getting laid!. Ok I’m not a virgin or anything, I just haven’t had sex since the first time. I shudder at the memory of that particular debacle. That whole episode almost scarred me for life. Serves me right anyway, I had no business messing with Taye and his huge umm mamba. It’s been two years and kitty has successfully recovered and now she’s frustrated at the lack of activity coming through her doors. Mentally I wasn’t ready and told kitty to put a sock on it but she’s very persistent so we made a deal. I give her a little battery action every now and again and she leaves me alone. That worked out well for us until we met Eric.

         I had been doing laundry on a Saturday morning when the smell of freshly baked bread and coffee from the bakery two blocks down hit my nostrils. That’s all it took for my entire four month carefully thought out diet plan to go scooting out the window. I’d pretty much stuffed most of my good clothes in the washer so I was left with old jeans and faded tees. I picked out a blue one with ‘I’M BRINGING SEXY BACK’ in bold white letters stamped across the front (honestly what was I thinking when I got this), a pair of faded blue jeans, put my hair up in a shabby bun and skipped to the door. I slipped into the last pair of footwear I had on which happened to be my favorite military combat boots and was out the door in record time. In retrospect, I probably should have put more thought into dressing up but it was just after 7am on a Saturday morning, I didn’t think people would be out and about just yet. Clearly I was very wrong because the bakery was packed when I arrived and to my horror, no one was dressed in shabby it’s-laundry-day outfits. My ipod would have been a welcome distraction but I dashed out of the house so fast that I forgot to take it along with me.  I reluctantly made my way to the back of the line and tried to concentrate on what delicious bread I was going to treat my taste buds to, with the heavenly smell of baked bread inspiring my thoughts. After what seemed like forever, I was finally at the front of the line. The girl at the counter looked rather annoyed, I would be too if I had to work this early on a Saturday morning for minimum wage.
  ‘Hi, what would you like?’ , she asked not even bothering to have on at least a fake smile like she’s supposed to.
‘I’d like two blueberry bagels and one cookies and cream doughnut please’, I replied while mentally warning myself that I’d have to hit the gym this evening or at least do some sort of serious exercise later.
‘We’re giving out free coffee this morning, would you like a cup?’, she retorted barely looking up from the cash register she’d been punching numbers into.
‘No thanks, I don’t drink coffee. I just like the smell.’
She returned my attempt at a polite conversation with a straight face and hint of irritation if I wasn’t mistaken.
Geez, don’t be short with me. I didn’t make you work here…and then it finally hit me why I’d been feeling like I was forgetting something.
‘Err, I seem to have forgotten my wallet…’
The bitch was already looking over my shoulder ready to yell ‘NEXT’ when he stepped out from behind me.
‘I’ll take care of that’
There he was tall, dark, handsome and bald??
‘Since when am I attracted to bald guys?’ I thought while staring at his almost shinny head.
He pulled out some notes from his wallet and handed it to the bitch in two swift motions. She seemed visibly relaxed and I wasn’t sure whether that was because he had just over paid her or she’d also noticed all the sexiness oozing from his pores.
I was still absentmindedly checking him out from head to toe when he turned to face me with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

‘You hate coffee but you like how it smells?’, He said in a very soothing voice. The kind that can actually convince you that it is ok to jump off a cliff and pummel to your death and you’d gladly oblige.
‘Ermm yes, it’s not that strange’, I answered very defensively, trying to seem unfazed by his presence.
He reached over and picked up my order off the counter and handed it to me.

‘Thanks, I can pay you back. I live very close by, I could run home and get you your money. It’ll only take five minutes’, I blurted out too suddenly before stopping to think about what I had just said.
I didn’t know this man and I had just voluntarily given him information about myself. What if he was a serial killer or a rapist? He could follow me home and chop my head off and before I knew it, I’d be at the bottom of a river somewhere.

to be continued

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