Checkers & Jokers presents the hottest raving gist of the moments. An Exclusive Interview on new Orange Drug Face, Mercy Isoyip, the NEVE DYERI RUNWAY show, The biggest chill off party by some Oil Tycoons and other side attractions. Read, share with friends and enjoy your day!!!

cover photo
cover photo

matured groove

Her Name is Mercy Isoyip. She is a true definition of an urban diva. With a rare personal aura, ballistic steps and a priceless face, this chick has continued getting raves not only in Calabar, but in the larger world.

Catching up with mercy was quite a herculean task, but at the end it was worth it. From her personal life to her academics, fashion, friends, her new Car and her recent mouth watery contract with ORANGE DRUG, Ms Mercy created a picture of a girl who is enjoying life by the YOLO dictum.

Her charming smile, warm gesture made me wish this interview never came to an end. Sit back, fasten your eyes and ears. This is how the interview went………….

Q: How has life been generally this year?

A: Fine, we thank God, he is the ultimate

Q: You’ve been in and out of the state and country recently, what do u think attracts other girls outside Calabar?

A: i think site seeing, you know, people travel for many reasons, I go for holidays to see my relatives and for tourism.

Q: After Face of Cybermul you’ve been quiet, don’t u think people still expect more from you?

A: I am doing a professional course that demands total focus, so I’ve been trying to focus and you know the higher you get the tedious it becomes.

Q: so that means the recent mercy is a nerd?

A: (laughing) yeah, I’ve always been a nerd, that’s why by God’s grace I’ve been successful so far

Q: What are the three things in your fashion kitty that you can’t do without?

A: My glasses, ( Mexican accent ) you know? You always want to smell good, keep a fresh breath and move out with cash in case of …… ( Akwa Ibom professor accent ) you understand?

Q: What are your hobbies and what attracts you to friends?

A: my hobbies are………… I like friends that have the same drive with mine, share my believes, believe in me and impact positively. My criteria for friendship is that you must have a Christ-like attitude and a personal relationship with God so you don’t come and make me…. You understand?

mercy {2nd from left} with friends
mercy {2nd from left} with friends
Q: can you tell us about your love life, and don’t tell us your going to pass this.

A: … am not going to say anything about Non……

Q: you already said something, (giggles)…Non… who?

A: (murmurs a strange Igbo name) lol….dont mind me o, I don’t have a boyfriend, am single and not searching, my academics wouldn’t allow me.

Q: You’ve been in the news lately, rumors etc, how do you deal with rumors and what the assume

A: very good, you see, if you’re not important, they wont talk about you. As time goes on people have to talk, when they talk about me, it makes me stronger, makes me package the more to keep them talking. I don’t really have to blow my trumpet, I like people around me knowing who I truly am.

Q: What’s one sincere advice to girls who want to be hot, classy and a figure like you?

A: they just need to be themselves, believe in themselves avoid listening to side talks and be who they want to be and ultimately pray for God’s direction.  

Q: what’s your selling point?

A: (giggling) …… my face, my face, my faceeee!!! people tell me a lot that I have a fine face

nerd beauty

Q: We have divas like Rihanna known for music, Tyra for fashion and  Serena Williams for tennis, what will Mercy  be known/remembered for?

A: that’s more like blowing my trumpet, well…… I want to be known as that girl that could make a difference in life situations, set good examples and stop what stopped others.

Q: what is your secret guilty pleasure?

A: looool!!! I love to shop with boys so I don’t get scared of the bills….( laughing ) am not scared of anything sha, I can afford anything I want by God’s grace.

Q: What is the biggest offer you’ve turned down?

A: I’ve turned down every offer that pertains to runs and married men. But the biggest offer was 8 million from a guy who wanted my virgi…..…

riding hot
riding hot
Q: Jeeeeez!!!! Why?

A: I was keeping it for my prince charming, (laughing) and I feel Sex is a special thing to be done with that special one

Q: 1 crazy moment?

A: there was one boy, he was my friend in secondary school, one day he came and said I should hug him, and I was like what kind of sinful relationship is this one? so I broke up with him (laughing). Imagine the boy asking for a hug in a dark corner, and he really stayed until darkness covered. But if its now, I’ll hug him plenty.


Q: One Last Word?

A: If you can think it, you can do it. Go for it!!!!


After the whole interview, we got gisting and Mercy used this medium to announce the arrival of her new car, YES!!! You heard it here first. We wish her a jolly ride and more freshness to this diva.

To catch up with mercy this Christmas, don’t forget to attend the MWX Pool/Fashion Party being held by top Oil tycoons on the 22nd of December.





Since her berth in 2008, the NEVE fashion show has grown to be one of the biggest fashion shows in Nigeria. Driven by a young girl with great passion for fashion and a witty dexterity rarely common amongst female folks, Nkari as she is popularly known keeps giving fashion lovers exquisite feelings at every show. The young American University of Nigeria student has worked with top designers, make up artiste and other celebrities. Her event has also been boosted by the appearance of the likes of Banky W.

This year, NEVE brings the very best of Runway to the peaceful city of Calabar. Its an experience no one would love to miss out on.

Attending the NEVE fashion show would not only be an opportunity for you to relax, meet people with great minds and have fun, but you will also be contributing to charity this Christmas as 5% of every sales goes to charity.

With top designers like NACK, TAYO GABRIELS, HUNT COUTURE, MICHAEL YANAI, T-MART etc. set to grace the event, the NEVE fashion show promises to be explosive.

Free cocktails, Hors d’oeuvres and wine, discounts on in-house shopping, vehicle pick ups and a mad after party at MayFair Lounge and Jasper 131 are other attractions set to make this event a rare spectacle.

Catch the NEVE DYERI models at a cool off party the next day, 22nd December at Aqua Centre, Channel View Hotel poolside.


DATE: 21stDecember, 2012

VENUE: The Pearl Ball Room, Transcorp Hotels, Calabar






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Tickets available @ Crunchies, Mayfair, Transcorp hotels


pool girl

MWX POOL/FASHION PARTY is a classic rendezvous for the freshest/finest, classiest gents and ladies. Expected to have great fashion power houses, top models, popperholics, celebrities, OIL TYCOONS etc, MWX party is just the right place to cool off for any one with class, uniqueness and style.

With the club-like atmosphere being replicated at the pool side, guests are surely going to have a good run for their money.

The Street Band Queen contest is also an opportunity for guests to have a feel of pageantry under the cool breeze and warmth. It is also an opportunity to contribute to charity and put a smile on someone’s face this Christmas.

Neve Dyeri, top fashion designer and her runway models are expected to headline this fashion pool party.

Top class celebrity Judge Ono, Atl’s  finest CHICK Tj, the LEAGUE, PAPANKU & FRIENDS and other fresh sexy, sizzling, smart shawties and sexy dudes are expected to rock and roll at the MWX fashion party.

Shhhhh…… Our Guest Appearance for the day is someone you all would never forget, with the HKN group performing a day before, this action packed party is sure to attract the Rambo’s.

From hot girls, to power fire dancers, agile boys, bogobigs girls and fresh boys, to shisha puffing, dare devil games and foreign heaves, MWX party is one we all look forward to.


Few lucky winners will win tickets to the CALABAR CARNIVAL QUEEN Pageant.

Customized hand bands and beads would also be on display at very affordable prices.


Boys: N3000 / $20

Girls: N2000 / $15

Couple: N4000 / $25

Wanted: N2o, 000 / $130 (table for 5)

Free tots for gents and ladies……………

DATE: 22nd December, 2012

TIME: 2 PM Prompt


It’s a Champagne Campaign, ACE, NUVO, ROSE!!! TRRRRAAAAAAAAA!!! so get ready to start forming your parties!!!!