it all started when liz forgot her wallet and a sexy drop dead gorgeous stranger helped her with the bills, she anticipates a night with him but also fears the light he ignites in her,

……………He waved me off and smiled at me and I noticed his dimples for the first time. Gosh could he be any cuter?
‘Nah it’s ok…but you could have breakfast with me though’
I instinctively looked down at my outfit
‘It’s just breakfast, you look great,’ Ha! I honestly doubt that.

 I was half way through my second bagel and occasionally sipping on my iced tea while watching Mr. gorgeously bald go on and on about his art. He was into anything art. Drawing painting, photography, sculpting and he seemed very passionate about it all. Gosh, I could have sat there watching him for hours. I wasn’t even paying attention to him, just the sound of his voice as it reverberated off the steel coffee table outside of the bakery sent tingles along my spine, right down to my happy place…kitty’s happy place.
‘I’m terribly sorry, I must be boring you with all these art talk. I’m not going to say another word about myself. Naa, and he made a zipping gesture across his lips. Very plump and pink for a man, I belatedly noticed.
‘No, no no it’s ok. I quite enjoy listening to you talk’, Oh yes I did.
‘I’m not much of a talker myself, it’s nice to let someone take the lead in a conversation’. He half smiled and looked down at his finger tips drumming away idly on the coffee table. Oh my God, was I making him shy?   I decided to ease the tension, he was way too good looking to let this fall apart like I usually did.
‘My job isn’t half as exciting as yours, I work at a PR firm so I pretty much sit around in my cubicle all day covered in paper work. I suck at art, can’t paint but I doodle a lot at work though.’ He chuckled at this and his dimples sunk even deeper into his cheeks. This made me lighten up and I started going on about how I hated my job and my fat bitch of a boss, I even told him how I contemplated spitting in her coffee once and how I had found that she’d been shopping at for a rabbit vibrator. His eyes widened in shock at this revelation and he leaned in with an interested smile as I told him of my theories about my discovery. We locked eyes a couple of times briefly during the course of our breakfast and other times I could have sworn he was checking out my rack. There was definitely a seductive vibe going on and I could feel it. He leaned back into his chair and absent-mindedly glanced at his watch and then did a fast double take.
‘Crap! It’s 10:30, I’m supposed to be meeting with an art gallery owner at 11 about having some of my work on display at his upcoming art exhibition’. I couldn’t believe we’d been talking for over three hours. My bagels and doughnut were long gone and the crumbs from his had been sitting in his plate for hours now. I was disappointed that he had to leave.
‘We’ve been here a while and I don’t even know your name’
‘Liz’ I giggled. He then proceeded to hand me his phone.
‘Put in all you info, I’d like to see you again…soon’, and I couldn’t miss the unmistakable glint in his eyes when he uttered the last word. I typed in my phone number and email address and handed his phone back to him and with that he got up ready to leave.
‘Hey! You haven’t told me your name either’, I protested.
‘Javine’, He replied smiling.
‘I’ll see you around’, and with that he was gone, leaving me to wonder what had just happened.
         I spent the rest of the day trying to busy myself just to get my mind off Mr gorgeous and bald. I must have replayed our breakfast over a hundred times. I kept a close eye on my phone hoping it would ring and it would be him on the other end. I nearly gave myself coronary when it buzzed later in the day and to my utmost annoyance, it was just a useless text from my internet service providers informing me about some new upgrade in their services or something like that.
I dumped my phone on my bed in frustration and reluctantly strolled into the shower. As the water cascaded around me and the steam began to build my mind started going to territories I hadn’t visited in ages. I wondered what he looked like under that green t-shirt he had on and those stripped shorts. Was he well hung or overly endowed like Taye. I shook my head vigorously trying to get the image on Taye out of my head. As I massaged the shower gel into my skin, kitty emerged wide awake from her slumber and boy was she hungry. I decided it was probably time to take her for some grooming in case there was going to be some activity coming through her doors in the nearest future. I got out the shower and dressed quickly, called up my buddy at my favorite beauty salon and begged to be squeezed in for a wax job in half an hour.
I had been lounging on my couch sipping on cold orange juice while watching my recorded episodes of ‘The good wife’ when my phone rang. I absentmindedly answered without checking the caller ID and nearly choked on my drink when I heard his voice on the other end.
‘Hey beautiful’, he cooed and I just wanted to squeal in delight.
‘Hey, how did your meeting go?’, He definitely wasn’t one to play games. He actually called! And on the same day too.
‘Great! I’m going on display next Thursday’. My ever naughty mind picked up on the double entendre.
‘I mean, my work is going on display next Thursday’, he corrected as if reading my mind and I could feel him smiling.
‘That’s great! Am I invited?’, I asked and immediately regretted it.
‘Sure, i’ll text you the details later.’
‘What are you doing later this evening?’

‘Oh nothing, I’m probably just going to fall asleep on my couch watching episodes of ‘the good wife’ ‘
‘You watch that too? Maybe it would be more interesting if you had company over. We could have a continuation of breakfast this morning only this time we’d be having dessert and trust me, you won’t fall asleep.’
OMG!! Was he saying what I think he was saying?
‘Umm sure, you could bring the dessert along when you’re coming ‘cos I don’t have any at home. I’m supposed to be on a diet.’
He let out a long chuckle and I mentally slapped myself at that failed attempt at naivety.
‘Oh Liz, I’ll bring the dessert alright. Is eight good for you?’
‘Sure, see you then.’
‘Later babe’ and he clicked off.
So here I am, anticipating the night ahead. What would it feel like?. It’s been so long, I feel like a virgin again. I take one last look at myself in the mirror. I made sure to dress casually in a light strapless summer dress, I even put on some lip gloss. I didn’t want to seem like I put too much effort into getting ready. Just then the door bell rang. I practically raced to the door then stopped to take a deep breath and smooth my dress over my hips before opening the door.
‘You’re right on time Mr…’ I stopped mid-speech when I realised that instead of my gorgeous new friend who I was about to have sex with, there were two police men standing right in front of me.
‘Good evening ma’am, are you Ms Stevens?…Ms Liz Stevens’, the taller officer asked.
‘Yes…yes I am, is there a problem officer’, I asked feeling quite taken aback and confused.
‘Do you by any chance know a Mr Javin Oprah?’, he asked throwing me a quizzical look.
‘ummm…Javin, I know a Javin but I don’t know his last name.’
‘Ma’am you were the last person he called’. The officer continued confusing me even more.
‘I’m sorry officers I don’t understand’.
The shorter one sighed. ‘I’m sorry ma’am but there’s been an incident, you’d have to come with us to the station.’
What the hell??!!!. Oh my God where’s JAVINNNN……..?

to be continued

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