Ms Liz ecstacy for a fantastic night of adventure was cut short when to her chagrin the knock on the door was by the Police and not her Mr Gorgeous

I almost passed out as the looks on the faces of these Men In Black looked like the tragic part of this whole fairy-tale that I had put myself and my kitty into was about to unfold. I kept screaming “where is my Javine? ‘but all I got was madam, relax, you will get answers when we get to the station. “Madam? Was I looking that old already?
The 15 minutes drive to the station seemed like forever, different thoughts raced through my blonde head, “OMG what if he was one of those sexy assassins like in James Bond movies or had he an accident? Despite the panic, I still felt this weird urge for Javine’s piston.

Suddenly I wondered why they called my phone and not checked for his relatives or Business partners, or did they think I was his accomplice. At this point I started recalling every detail concerning Mr. Thornton, from the “wallet rescue” to the cool chat and spine nervous moment when his call came through. I realized that from the moment I set my eyes on this bald gorgeous charming Prince, only a part of my body “somewhere below my navel” had been functioning. Arrrrrgh, “you had not been thinking чσu dumb nit-wit” I said to myself.
We finally arrived at the police station, I was asked to patiently wait, the police officers who brought me here were discussing with a police officer in her mid-thirties. The Officer now came over to me and said we could proceed to the hospital. Hospital??? This was the last place on my mind for a perfect day like this, except of course 9 months from tonight. *winks*
I almost fainted as soon as I stepped into ROOM 4 of the Intensive Care Unit, Javine laid seriously wrapped in bandages, our eyes met and I felt one million butterflies in my tummy, he was looking charming and his skin so creamy, I wished I could kiss his pains away, those thick pink lips though”. I guess he caught me staring?’ he cleared his throat and faintly said hi, what happened to you, who did this? I’m sorry…… all the words kept coming, the doctor said I should let him rest and called me over to his room for discussion.
Your friend had a relapse while driving and ran into a fire truck, we are afraid his Kidney has failed almost completely and the quicker we find a donor, the better for us. “Crispy sweat filled my body”, I was in a state of Awe, my almost perfect dream night was coming to an end, I felt like asking the doctor if it affected his … “*coughs*” ….organs but that would have been so awkward.
We have sent out request for possible matches and we hope for a quick response the doctor continued….uhm, ma’am what blood group do you belong to? I choked for a second, could it be what am thinking? After stuttering I replied O+, WOW!! Would you mind if we carry out a matching test, I almost felt my kidney missing, me? Donate a kidney to a stranger? Well the test was concluded and I was certified fit to donate a kidney.
I was caught between love and lust, it was like choosing b/w saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, here was a dude I knew nothing about, who held the key to my lustful passion of pleasure and adventure, and here was I with the key to his life.
The choice was difficult but I finally signed the papers. I was told that we would be on a chartered flight to India for the operation. “what? So quick, by this time, he had entered another coma and I couldn’t even see the face of the man I longed for. We finally got on board at 1.45am, and I was still amazed that none of his family members was around.

With my ear piece plugged and watching “THE VOW” on the plane’s DVD, my mind kept wondering if this was real or actually a fairy tale, wish someone could pinch me.

Hello Liz, you must be confused as I am right now, “I looked up and saw Thornton’s face on the screen, I quickly sat up to pay more attention, he continued, “meeting you was one moment in my life that made me believe angels were real, my whole imagination, body and soul craved for you. I put up this whole movie to scare you a little and get your anxiety level on Nitro; I just want to let you know that am fine and……. “At this point I felt a warm masculine hand on my shoulders” and his last words “I love you” was intercepted by the best kiss I had ever had, his soft palms roamed on my long hair all the way to the buckle of my victoria secrets bra. The scenes of the next 2 hours couldn’t be imagined, I just wasn’t getting laid with the man even mirrors smile at, but in a private jet about 3000 ft. from my bed and over 4 countries. I wondered the answer I will give my cute lil boy when he asks which country he was formed in. “lmFao”. I know you’ll are expecting a breakdown of what went down, Naaa, what happens on a private jet, stays private. *siggghhhhs*? Well am now Mrs Thornton, Charming isn’t it? Everytime I recall this memories, believe me, I always get to change my panties.


this story was written solely by Ms. Daramfon Ansa and Mr Chidi Opara. Any form of plagiarism without consent from the authors is an infringement on Literature Act. 1951.

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