The breeze became more fierce and the sound of the thunder could be heard from a close distance, it seems tonight was going to be another lonely cold night shekirat said to her self.
She had just arrived from the market where she went to buy ice cream and berries.

Shekirat was an undergraduate, she lived with her parents downtown New Airport, her parents had traveled for a week leaving her all alone with her aunty Shade.

Shade hardly slept at home all week as her church was having their convention that week.

The skies had turned deep black, shekirat quickly had her shower and slid into her favorite pink cleavage revealing night gown. She quickly shut the windows and doors, she went to her bag to get her phone which was her only companion for the night.

Her eyes widened as she realized she must have forgotten her phone in the cab that brought her home, she suddenly felt sad knowing that the chances of she seeing her phone was very little.

Trying not to jump the gun she decided to call with her sub phone, luckily for her, someone picked.

He-he-lloo the voice echoed, was he a stammerer? Shekirat wondered, hi she said, please I am the owner of this phone, o-o-okay, where are you? New Airport, Rd 7, the last house on the left, green roof, shekirat happily described.

She waited patiently for a flash of light. It was barely fifteen minutes when she heard a horn and her phone ringing, she could see the headlights through the fence. She hurriedly ran out side and opened the gate.

By this time it had started drizzling, the “cab guy” walked out and headed towards the gate, it was at this point shekirat realized she had forgotten to grab a wrapper, she was almost naked in front of a stranger, she tried to distract him by starting a conversation before his idle eyes calculated the length of her night gown.

Mike was a tall, handsome hunk, a part time student at the university. He didn’t have a lot of friends, he often used his uncle’s old car to run cab to sustain himself.

He was huge below his waist, this made his friends in boarding school nickname him HORSE.

Shekirat couldn’t help but notice his handsomeness; his broad shoulders, well shaven hair and blue eyes caused her nipples pop out of their socket, there was an instant rise between Mike’s leg like something was reaching to give her a handshake. Their stares and silence was interrupted by the sudden weeping of the skies, close your windows and come in, shekirat quickly said, like a King who expected a royal welcome, mike was already at it.

The downpour was instantaneous and heavy that the few seconds they spent outside, they were both drenched.

As soon as they were inside Mike quickly stretched his hand to give shekirat her phone, his fingers touched hers, they paused for a second, they both felt a sudden pulse fire their heart beats, a loud thunder struck and shekirat fearfully leaped and landed on mike’s chest, her gown going up in the process, revealing her fair, curved magnus thighs. It was at this point the whole events flashed in her eyes, a cold night, nearly naked, with a handsome stranger and horny, she was in a den with a lion, she knew she had a gun and a single bullet which she wasn’t willing to use.

To be continued.