FONY with MO

FONY with MO

Hi Readers,

Born Mfoniso Juda Ekpe, he is a Presenter and Technical assistant at EbonyLife studios, an alumni of Unical and AIESEC, his story which is being written with a golden pen has inspired me to release this quick paragraph. Happy reading!


For most of you who know Mfoniso Juda Ekpe, popularly known as Fony, it won’t be misplaced to say he is an entity that has had his head fixed on one direction, Showbiz.

A fresh graduate of the department of Economics, Unical, Fony is one of the fastest rising names among Nigeria’s celebrities.

My focus today is not on his role as an EbonyLife employee or his ever increasing fan base especially among the ladies. I just want to use this specimen as a case study on our preparedness towards what we dream to achieve.

Calabar as a city has been termed a lazy city with un ambitious boys, less opportunities and “Itong” Girls, but how well prepared are we for the opportunities that are soon coming at us.

Fony, if we recall has always been up to his game when it comes to presenting; his dressing, fluency, humility and readiness to listen and learn stood him out from the leagues of “Presenters”.

I remember a particular event where he was smartly and expensively dressed and I shared a joke with a friend that most times the money Fony spends on his dressing to events might be more than the profit the organisers make from it.

Little wonder why he didn’t need to pull strings or need a God Father to snap up his present Job.

A story was once told of a village where there hadn’t been rain for 3 years, all the villagers gathered to pray for rain at the village square, only one little boy actually came with an umbrella.

For you to be picked, for you to be different, know where you are going and leave the rest to the wimps and caprices of Nature.

IN other news…….

Calabar A List Fire Power Boy who is now a house hold name Omatsola Inone who is known for his madt crave for BMW is at it again.

The petite Gidi fine boy recently tormented the town with his matte black BM which made some boys who drive cars less expensive than the price of the original paint to do follow follow.

Gist reaching us has it that he has sold the car and has recently acquired a killer BMW, Watch out for a pimped eye popping ride.


“Iyammi”, that was the word that dropped from my lips when I last visited the cinema.

It is now a rampant scenario for young boys and girls to make out in the cinema with daring carefree attitude.

Recently, a calabar boy was caught with a minor poking his fingers between her legs with her bra un strapped.

I guess they would soon have a VIP section with a bed in the cinema.

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Fony in an Off Mood

Fony in an Off Mood



Omatsola's Matte BMW

Omatsola’s Matte BMW