I walked into the club feeling Mad, sad, abandoned and rejected.

It was February 14th and I had just broken up with my girlfriend, this was my first time of having a girlfriend on valentines day as an adult, all my sleepless nights anticipating a red letter day in the arms of Annabel fizzled out few hours ago.

My four months r/ship seemed to have been going smooth until the afternoon of feb 14th, I had earlier sent a mind blowing text to my “supposed” girlfriend.
Pretty faced, cute lips and lovely partitioned set of teeth, Annabel was a good looking dark girl that any dude would go savory for.

She had this superior elegance and soft address.

We were to spend the night together at a planned dinner, I got a call around 2pm and she said she wanted to see me, I had earlier “painstakingly” bought a phone as a gift, I thank the God of Uche who made me leave it at home”.

A sorry faced Annabel I met in one of the cities choiced eateries, she explained that her mum told her to follow her to church that night and as such we couldn’t see, I felt bad for her, she decided to go and buy ice cream downstairs, a chess move that killed her game.

BOOM!! My itchy hands scrolled to her phone and guess what, the sleaky, slimy, slymy snake sent my exact text message to another dude, and added ” My mom traveled, would spend the evening with you “.

But for the Grace of God, this story should have stopped here. Trust me the sword of betrayal is sharper than a prick in a butt.

Valerie was a close friend of Annabel, she didn’t have the prettiest of faces neither did she dress provocatively to school but she had an amazing body, well partitioned curves and cat eyes to match it up.

She must have noticed me when I walked into the club, I obviously wasn’t myself, felt like dancing away my sorrows because I don’t drink neither do I smoke.

What is troubling you? A soft voice spoke from behind me, oh Valerie, i said in a forceful bright voice, I wasn’t good at transferring aggressions so I tried to be nice to Annabel’s friend.

I tried telling her I was good but tears almost rolled out of my eyes, I hurriedly walked towards the convenience.

Wait!”, she followed me into
the corridor. I hunched on the wall, She walked right up to me and said, “Hey, don’t be such a baby. You know you should not anyone ruin your Special evening. I explained what happened and she felt pity for me, patting me and saying words to calm me down.

Her voice seemed to calm my anger a little.

I looked up only to see that Valerie was not paying attention to her clothing. I could see the outline of her bra through her gown . I pretended to be sad and continued looking at the unsuspecting valerie.

Suddenly, she bent over and patted my thigh and that was when I saw it! Her cleavage was smooth… and I could smell her perfume.

Her short Black gown exposed her delightful skin and I could swear it had a lip that was calling out to me.

She put her arms around me in an attempt to comfort me, what she didn’t know was that I was secretly enjoying the soft feel of her breasts against my chest. I took a chance and returned her hug. A few seconds passed and she noticed that I was beginning to feel her back and had
begun pressing against her more than usual.

At the point I felt a tear, Valerie was sobbing, I asked what the problem was, she broke down telling me of how her boyfriend had also broken up with her earlier that evening because of a junior student in her former school, at this point we were like two lost adults with our minds below our waist.

I suddenly felt bold and reached down
slowly. I slowly put my hand inside her gown and explored her smooth skin with my eager fingers. My legs leaped when I felt the camel toe shape or her lower *clit*. Valerie knew something was not right. She knew she must pull away and break the hug. And that is when she realised something… my pants were beginning to tighten up against her knee!!

She tried to reach for my hands but was interrupted by an erected pillar, the slight touch made her quiver and sink deep into my waiting arms.

I made a quick scribble with the line of her G string, her moan n gosh threw me into a trance.

I knew I had to stop, I quickly whispered into her hears, Can we dance?

We hit the dance floor like two mexicans with right pair of shoes, her erotic dance steps mixed with our rhythm and eye contact made it look like we rehearsed, Valerie was a smooth dancer, she could have sworn I worked with the FBI, my body searched every pore on her skin like a Female Body Inspector.

A dude suddenly tapped me and whispered, “baba you de make Konji catch me”, it was at that point I realized we were almost making magnetic love on the dance floor.

My phone rang and I excused her to go to the convenience, Hello? Sweetheart am sorry, the voice was that of Annabel, I hissed and ended the call, turning around, my lips stood an inch from valerie’s, the only thing that could stop us from devouring each other was the coming of Jesus, we quicky dashed into the male side and started kissing, her lips were cold and salty, probably from the tears, her fingers caressed my whole back like she had 22 of them, without hesitation, I lifted up her gown and her nipples said HI through her victoria secrets bra, I kissed her North, East and West, I glided through her middle region, spending worship time at her navel, my teeth was about relocating her panties when someone tried to open the door…..

to be continued…