Dear readers, this is the concluding part of the Feb 14th story, Enjoy your reading

….before I could turn, valerie had closed the door shut, with her legs making ∕̴Ɩ 90 degree, she slowly pressed my head downwards like she was baptising me, her soft sound could tell when I hit the right spots.

She quickly pressed hard against the wall and leaped, my dangling arms willingly caught her, I squeezed deep on her butt and caught her lips with min; tightening my belly, my loosely belted trouser fell to the ground, my pistol shooting out of its holster, she reached for the crown on my dickhead.

I realized I didn’t have ∕̴Ɩ rubber on me…. The urge to dive into the atlantic without ∕̴Ɩ floater was high, but my principles just won’t let me, while contemplating, ∕̴Ɩ hand turned the door knob, valerie tried shutting it but the dude at the other end made another attempt, sensing danger, I quickly wore my trouser and replaced her bra and gown, on our way out the “sonofabitch” offered to watch for us while he went after set. I guess he’s in detention right now for gang raping. Lol

We quickly took few tots and danced moderately, my brother and his friend who had accompanied me to the club signaled it was time we left, Valerie and Sonita, another of Annabel’s friend also decided to leave, we held hands and walked towards the car park.

Hope your day finally ended ∕̴Ɩ little better? I asked, Yes she said, but there is just one last thing I feel like doing. At that point the fire in me was ignited. I kissed her on her forehead, we exchanged numbers and I left, deep down within, I knew it would be hard to catch valerie again filled with the same fire like tonight.

I called my cousin to come open the gate, he said we couldn’t come home as our neighbors were being robbed, he told us to get ∕̴Ɩ hotel and spend d night. I begged him to get ∕̴Ɩ packet of Latex from my Jean Jacket and hoist over the fence. I quickly called Valerie and told her wassup.

After 15 minutes of trying to locate her friends house, we were running up the stairs, her unsuspecting friend suggested we slept in one room.

Valerie told her friend she needed to go to the shower, was still pondering how to join her, I quickly wrapped ∕̴Ɩ piece of paper, and lit ∕̴Ɩ match stick, sonita said she was asthmatic and suggested I smoked downstairs. KABOOM!!

Valerie’s naked body under the faint moon light was ∕̴Ɩ tale of ∕̴Ɩ fairy rose, her firm turkey ass, slim straight legs and cuvèt shoulders took my breath away.

I watched with erotic pleasure water slowly cascading down her boobs to her Valley, she was ripe, young, tender and “feastive”.

She caught me morose and starring at her, like Aladin I quickly dashed into the opposite room and laid on the bed, she came in dripping, wet and looking wild.

Our body chemistry all night made me wonder why she was in the Arts field, I kissed her on every spot, her body spread over me like cancer.

Valerie had this physical weak sex slaved build which without much conscious effort drove ∕̴Ɩ man Peanuts.

She quickly grabbed my piston, it was not cocked so it was harmless. Her bj was mad, she took my 12+ inch all into her throat, swirling her tongue and drilling in ∕̴Ɩ way that could envy Trained Engineers, her tongue was warm, she started going hard, using both hands to twist in both directions, I moaned in “sexstacy”, you taste like coconut she murmured, this was real!!

My fingers ran through her hair, I pulled her shoulders up, she slided to my lips, she kept on moving up, my lips keeping route reminders on her neck; her nipples tasted like Indian guava.
One gift my tongue was blessed with was running between two nipples in 0.5 second, this act made valerie squeal ∕̴Ɩ wavy moan
If PS 2 pads were like valerie’s ass, no boy will love to loose…
I needed to do more magic to valerie’s body, I gripped her ass and pulled it up, the moan that greeted my tongue on her wet clit was ballistic, I slowly glided my tongue in, her walls were cold n smooth, her G spot was not hard to find, I put more pressure tickling it with the under of my tongue, her Joy couldn’t be held as she hit orgasm, her v****a was as tasty and fruity as seedless water melon, her contraction gave my tongue ∕̴Ɩ cone shape, her flexibility wowed me when she bent backwards and swallowed my dick, she showed me the square of 69..

That 10 seconds was the most dangerous bj I had ever received, we quickly entangled, the pace all night had been slow and spanish, I needed to go Italian, I quickly dragged her from behind, lowering her waist like ∕̴Ɩ lion about to spring, I slid on the latex and began pounding, my hands firmly smooching the crest of her breast, our moans were deafening. I kept spanking her ass and massaging her shoulder with my left hand.

From doggy to scissors to police and thief and some styles which researchers are still looking for names for, valerie matched me stride for stride.

Valerie’s missionary converted me, I laid on her, deep into her system, kissing her lips and neck, I didn’t move, only my dick breathing n growing inside her, her ass dancing and wriggling, she knew it was that time, she made me sit facing her and she did same, I put ∕̴Ɩ pillow under her, we were riding face to face, slutily biting our lips, she started screaming, I felt her coming, I moaned “I’m coming with you”, I felt her warm cum on my thighs, I couldn’t hold it any more, I enveloped her and jerked twice before letting an ocean into the latex, I grunted and squeezed on the sheets, it was over, I looked at my time and it was over 2hrs since I arrived, we cuddled for 30 minutes before going to wash off. I returned to the room to find Valerie’s friend under the duve, I slid in and slept like ∕̴Ɩ saint.

By morning, news had reached Annabel and somehow she tricked us to ∕̴Ɩ popular canteen, valerie and I vehemently denied even kissing valerie, we knew Who the Snitch was by the way, as I was leaving school, I got ∕̴Ɩ text, it read, “Hi, its Valerie, as soon as I saw you today, I became WET, lol, I replied and drove off smiling.


Camel Toe Pussy

Camel Toe Pussy