HBD SophiA

Thursday, October 24th, 2013


A Letter to A Born Queen

The start of Today should have been signaled by the Town Criers and Gongs

5 years ago I saw an Angel with developing wings

Charisma and smiles enough to charm an Army

Beauty and Brains with the loving heart of a mother hen

5 years on and I have watched you grow

Blossoming so bright like diamonds

Courageous like a Dog chasing a Tiger

Defying all odds to make even with success

Her Royal Majesty

Our Queen

You have brought Joy to the people in your world

Forever we are Proud of You

Happy Birthday to a Rare Epitome of a Complete African woman created with the finest Heavenly Pixels

Live forever and a day More.

CCQ in Brazil

CCQ in Brazil


2 comments on “HBD SophiA

  1. andre says:

    Beautiful piece. Pretty lady.
    Best wishes from ABJ.


  2. emerald says:

    Happy Birthday Sophia/God bless you


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