Sitting at the balcony in double tree by hilton h, Maryland, USA, I couldnt help but notice the serene ambiance of the atmosphere and the moving skies, I said to myself, Life indeed has been a journey, a journey from a quiet, studious ever smiling Sophia to her Royal Highness. The journey which I want to share with my best friend, my diary……..

DIARY: How did you decide to contest for CCQ?

ME: I was first told about the contest by my friend, I laughed at the idea the first time. The second time was by a stranger who met me for the first time and told me he will buy the form for me. Again I laughed about it, I concentrated on the smaller one which was MISS UNICAL. I filled the Carnival Calabar Queen form gotten for me by the stranger, I never submitted it and after the Miss UNICAL contest where I emerged Miss UNICAL I was persuaded by another friend of mine whose cousin was going for the same audition to go for the audition. I did and when I got there I was told to submit the form, I didn’t have it there with me so I called the stranger who got the form for me the first time and he told his friend to give me the form on credit. It was very funny though because I saw many pretty girls who obviously planned for this particular contest.  

DIARY: You really must be lucky, good things come to you from strange people, so how did the audition finally go?  
ME: I finally filled my form and submitted it then I went ahead to mingle with the other intending contestants. I spoke to them and asked questions that might help me in the audition. I found a magazine with one of the girls and I read it a little and then I was called up for my audition. Note this, when you get in, try to make eye contact with all the people in the room at different times and when you do that greet them. Begin to smile from the door. Again the points of having the information of Cross River State, MACA, CCQ and most especially talent presentation must be over emphasized. You must know the basics about yourself- your names, age, height, simple statistics, hobbies and anything that covers up as an introduction of YOU. I was asked some questions which I answered confidently though I was not totally sure of the answers I gave. This brings me to the point of confidence, most times, people mistake confidence for over confidence or being rude and proud and end up losing out on the fun and being too competitive to a fault that they might even have enemies. Never lose your confidence no matter what the problem or situation that comes by you. In my case it was one of the judges told me pop and plain that my miss unical winning poem was boring. Try to find humor in something scary. Never stop smiling. Never lie about anything during an audition because it is difficult to hold up a lie for a very long time.


DIARY:  Whooop!!!! I think its easier said than done, okay so you were selected, you got in, what next and how was the camping?

ME: When you are lucky enough to get by the two very challenging auditions, you will be told what to bring for your two weeks camp. While getting the things you need, don’t get too expensive instead get comfortable, fitting, and decent-looking requirements. It’s not how glamorous but how prestigious you look.  Attend all classes and never miss any rehearsals. Respect your mummies and your Grand ma. Wake up on time, sleep when you ought to and eat moderately especially when it comes to eating junk. Have fun to the fullest and never see anything as a task rather, be happy doing it and do it like you love doing it. Make as many friends as you can but don’t lose focus in all of these. Your weapons (talent display and traditional attire presentation) should never be exposed. Have a dummy show in other not to look mean or sound mean. It is all in you to win no magic, charm or crazy plan all you need is in you. Never fall for a crazy deceit that anyone could make you win. The camping period might be very challenging as you get to meet different girls with different attitudes and lifestyles how to survive living with them is simply being yourself. Yep! That simple , now during the camping period take your morning exercises very seriously as they will keep you going throughout the contest period.

DIARY:   The road to 6 million worth of prices sounds tough…. so what else apart from the camping…  

ME: The governor’s masked ball is one of the awesome events that is witnessed by many especially the elites of the state. During this event all contestants are present and will certainly have a role to play so every contestant should be very attentive to her role during rehearsals. You will be asked to introduce yourselves, endeavor to do that right without over doing it.

DIARY: The Governor, I want to meet the governor….i want to introduce myself too…  

ME: lol…. crazy diary, ok ok…. I will take you with me on the 23rd…. front row…. yeah, wheeeew, that brings me to the D-DAY.

This day is the supposed most dreaded day but trust me it’s the day to keep calm and love God. Make available your costumes for every outing and be ready for a marathon. Try to get your hair and makeup done on time especially when you are among the first fifteen contestants.  You will be tensed and it is so allowed. Don’t let it get you so low though, feel free like you were in a technical rehearsal. If you make mistakes quickly correct yourself and move on. Try to use less time than usual and while trying to do that don’t rush your lines. Be audible but don’t project into a microphone, if you are doing an act that needs your hands to be free request for a head mic to avoid poor performance on stage. It is important to smile at all times and be confident in whatever you have to present.

Alas.………. After the event is over, congratulate the winner and as for the winner don’t be bossy, proud, arrogant, mean or a B*t*h. well I know you won’t because no queen has this traits. Pick your stuffs and be on your way back. Be very nice to whoever the winner is because you have no idea what job you just earned yourself.  Good luck to you all and May the best girl wear the crown. Diary come lets take a walk to the beach…………..