Whoosh!!! Life has been beautiful, sincere apologies to all my readers for the long gap in my literal strata.😚 My quest and determination to unravel the complexities of our degenerating country has made time a scarce resource in my life. For the main time i am back with a hot, sizzling, deep, non fictional sanguinaceous story of a perfect sexually erotic evening. Relax and have a splendid read. 🔞


The morning was like every morning, Tunji woke up with a sense of loneliness and abandon. He had not been laid in a very long time, it wasn’t as if there was no Slave, slave? Yeah, the new name for girls who are at the dick n ball of a dude but not fit enough to be a girlfriend, 😯, This definition according to Christopher, Tunji’s fair handsome Warri friend.
So there were slaves but getting down didn’t come with a new adventurous thought to Tunji and he had decided not to sleep with any coquette just for fun.

Having completed his morning routine; praying, going through headlines from different media, replying messages from lonely girls and boring entities from the previous night, Tunji quickly scanned through his “To-do” list. The only girl he planned to see was Bella.
Bella was one girl Tunji had never had the chance of pouncing 😾, she was a former beauty Queen👸and had a killer waist. There wasn’t much to look forward to as He didnt have a concrete plan for Bella.
Armed with a charm that many “lucky” girls found irresistible, Tunji was a petite Hunk in his early 20’s, with brown eyes and a thick luscious eye brow, he exuded a carriage like one who lived in the High brow areas. He learnt how to love back in High school and perfected his sexual skills after long periods of theoretical learning. He believed that Love was not sex as 70% of boys often lose interest in a girl they were head over heels with once they ejaculate in her, with few exceptions when a virgin is involved. 👰

From making girls hit orgasm online, to running out of his room with one leg of trouser👯, to inventing “Iced Head”, Tunji just had that venom that could throw a girl into a miasma of rapturous, stupefying, body quaking, electrifying sexual satisfaction😎.

Evening approached, the evening was buzzing with workers returning from work and Female students returning from their 7pm lectures which always lasted for about 69 minutes😉. Bella had earlier sent a text to Tunji to pick her from her home. Bella stepped out looking modest in a blue Cover all blouse and a black leggings, seemed like a formal meeting as usual. Despite the modesty, Tunji kept picturing Bella without her clothes, his twitching eyes pierced her blouse imagining her dangling pointed nipples, her leggings did little in concealing the bulge of her V. Suddenly the feeling that comes with a 10 degree weather was upon Tunji.
Bella was beautiful, dark and had a sculpted like body. Perfect is the word! She liked Tunji but his deceptive looks never made her think of having those discreet moments with him. However this night she saw the hunger in Tunji’s eyes, his haze was penetrating, she felt naked in his presence, and actually she wanted to be naked!!! How she wished Tunji could read minds.

Of course Tunji did, he felt the pang beneath his abdomen, this feeling was a familiar one. His mind quickly scanned the length and breadth of the city for a place where History could be made, a hotel bed was out of the question, he didn’t want to destroy another like he did two friday nights ago.🙈

Suddenly a thought came into his mind, the scene; a wooden caraven surrounded by the whoosh of the oceans, bella! legs apart, pointing to the stars, moaning to the crunching sound of our clashing hips. 😄 , yes a plan was hatched.


One thing Tunji had learnt over the years was that sex was more awesome when there was no expected favour in return, when both parties are in such a mood for selfish reasons stricto sensu.

Fast forward to thirty minutes, Tunji and Bella were at the car park, the Pinana Island was one of the cities finest if not the country’s. It was surrounded by water and was lonely during weekdays. They both got out and walked around the Island with hands interlocked. The softness of her pam hardened Tunji’s Third Leg in a heaviness of desirability that would destroy him if he wasn’t fulfilled. They talked about random things as they walked towards the river bank, by the bank was a wooden open space, shielded from full view by the trees and shrubs, the coolness of the breeze and wave of the river made earth feel like heaven.
Tunji then put his hand around her waist, he couldn’t waste this rare moment. Bella felt the warmth of his
arms, she moved convulsively, recoiling away from him. But the overweening power of his body was too much for her. And then the kissed😘🙊, she was so sweet, like a bliss of release. Her heart was panting, her body golden like honey of darkness, his desire more treacherous and infallible. Bella was gone, his lips felt so cold, so fresh, so sea-clear, it was like kissing a flower that grows near the surf. 💋 She wanted him right inside her like a meteorite plunging across the chasm between the worlds. 🚀Bella was wary though, she suffered a phobia for those male rods that were XXL. She was just recovering from Sule’s night mare, that Hausa boy almost took off her womb, one thrust accompanied with “kai” was like u were being hit by a car. She promised her self not to go that “length” just for pleasure. All along a holidayer at the Island was watching Tunji and Bella with her binoculars, Rose was in her mid 20’s, she was engaged to a business mogul from Delta, his regular absence coupled with his lack of a firm sexual kit for satisfaction made Rose’s sex life boring, she wished she was bella right now.
Tunji’s pill for every girl was patience, stride after stride, precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little and there a little, this little things made every part of bella want every part of him. Bella’s hand roamed every part of his hard body, her body went loose when he kissed her neck and grabbed her butt with hunger.

Great sex was preceded by great romance.

Tunji had a weakness though, he was “too big” for some women down there, he couldn’t count the number of times girls had changed their minds once they felt it or was it the number of virgins he had to turn down, he was big💪, sorta a Dragon!! Bella’s finger reached a little below his navel, she felt the bulge, expected it to be short and fat, she slid down her fingers 😮, she felt like a stripper sliding down a brown pole with veins. She couldn’t, she just couldn’t. Tunji felt the withdrawal, that mood was familiar, Bella quickly freed his grip and made to get away😟, Tunji hurriedly buttoned up and followed, he tried persuading her and dragging her back all along but she didn’t bulge. Disappointment was an understatement, Tunji suddenly felt the heat, with a full erection and a bruised ego his day was shredded. They were about to leave when Tunji realised his key and phones were not in his pocket. Damn! They must have fallen whère they were romancing😡, Bella though it was a ploy and decided not to follow him back. She left! Tunji was sad, the lonely walk back made him more aware of the darkness. The darkness that was romantic suddenly portrayed Danger🚫. >br />
20140819-124013-45613203.jpgTunji’s was lost in thoughts, when a voice startled him, “you must have forgotten your key” she said. Oluwa!!! Tunji stopped, could she be a mermaid, Holy Castro!, her body, sculptured after the similitude of a Peru Princess. Tunji struggled to murmur, I never knew Angels could miss their way, his voice had these Russian accent that caused her blood to rush.

To Be Continued…,

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