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7 Keys To Success 1

Success! What is Success? I will leave you all to explain that because you all have an idea of what it is before opening this blog, and believe me, you are Correct.

We all were born as champions, and it takes certain key moments and basic principles in life to consciously or unconsciously be the champion that we are.

Today I bring to you the 7 key principles to success which I believe every successful person has reckoned with. They are :

1.Positive Mental Attitude
2.Going the extra mile
3.A pleasing personality
4.Applied Faith
5.Universal Laws
6.Definiteness of purpose
7.Act Successful

PMA: most people believe that life has given them a raw deal, they blame the government, parents, poverty and negligence for their predicament. They develop a negative mental attitude, and as such they are handicapped.

Let me share this lesson I read in a book. Its a wonderful little story about a Pastor who couldn’t get a sermon topic. He was trying to meditate but the noise from his son kept disturbing him, he then grabbed a brightly coloured picture of the map of the world from a magazine, ripped it into bits and called his son to fix it right and he will give him a thousand naira. He expected this to keep him busy for a long time. But within 10 minutes little Johnny was through. The pastor was so amazed, he asked him how he did that so fast and johnny said ” it was easy, on the other side, there was a picture of a man. I just put a piece of paper on the bottom, put the picture of the man together, put a piece of paper on top and turned it over, I figured out that if I got the man right, the world would be right.”

The pastor then smiled and gave his son two thousand and said, you have given me a topic for my sermon. ” If a man is right, his world will be right.l

The moral lesson is that if you are unhappy with your world, you have to put yourself right, to put your world right Put your mind in a positive state and slowly coast to a successful life.

You May Develop and maintain a permanent POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE by making it your responsibility to adopt and consciously apply and conceptualize this Principles in your daily living. Remember, your talisman is your mind!! Think Positive except when it is a HIV Test..LoL

For more on 7 keys to Success. Visit this blog more often. Happy Lenten Season

someday, he will be at the right hand side

someday, he will be at the right hand side


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