A TYpIcAL uNiCal gIrl’s ReSuMption


Its your boy Zebira and you all are welcome to my page. It has really been a long vacation and i know you all are so eager to return to school. Sitting in the comfort of my dark room, i couldn’t help but imagine the fun fair, smiles and panache that will welcome us when Unical opens. There will be a lot of new cars, new babes, new clothes, phones, hair styles and other “take a second look” attractions from both boys and girls. Not forgetting those that will look so ‘2011’.

For those who are still thinking of how to make a BOLD statement on the first day of resumption. This is just a few items that i think should not be missing from your attire.

     a Blackberry (BOLD series)

    A sexy boyfriend that has a car


    Colour Blocking Clothes

    Bandage Skirts

    Cambodian Hairs

    Wedges Shoes

    and a Yinky’s Scarf…lol


    A Smart Phone

    A nice ride

    Mont blanc accessories

    And a smart dress sense

    But remember, no maTter how flashy you look, it won’t affect your GP!

    We are looking forward to the likes of

    Boss and Boss ladies

    Hotties like Andy, Umo, Franca, Thonia, Grace B., Obase, Mitchell,

    Dudes like Monta, Mark T., Koko master, Hu cares (has he graduated?) Orok, Francis etc to make this semester memorable.

    Watch out for this page and hopefully a magazine to keep you up to date with every sexy gist in UNICAL.

    OnCe again, Its ur BOY ZebIRa….