Hello Readers,
How are you today? You are lucky to be alive, so pause and say a little prayer.

Our present world is faced with so many natural disasters, we sit and ask God why? We weep when our loved ones are killed, we curse terrorist, Bombers and Murderers, we wish they were never born.

How precious is a life to us?

Sometimes 1 million die and a few are concerned but if 1 celebrity dies, a million cry. When we are sometimes given a chance to create a life, most of us kill the dream of a child, we are so reckless and yet we still feel we are better than a terrorist or a bomber, we are all in the same shoes!!!

Today I will give my own view on ABORTION.

Imagine if we suddenly realized that Barrack Obama’s life was a Fiction of our imagination, imagine if Oprah Winfrey never existed, Imagine if the mechanic that corrected your brakes was once aborted and you had died in that accident, Why do we keep killing innocent babies that do not put our lives in danger? Why?

From discussions with my female friends and those who have been in this dilemma, I observed that many of this young girls who see abortion as a solution to teenage pregnancy view abortion as “the termination of the shame, disgrace, gossips, lack of confidence from family members, stigmatization and jeers from boys they said NO to “.

They do not see it as the removal of a child, an image of themselves, that pretty face that would one day win a Nobel Price and dedicate it to her mother who has always been there for her.

I had to post this piece earlier than schedule because a young girl just told me of her friend who is pregnant and wants a qualified place to abort it, I have tried my best to persuade her to tell her friend to keep it, as hard as it may seem for every one of us, abortion is not so easy too. ZIP UP or Use a ConDoM

Congratulations to all those in unical that have graduated this week, for the boys who have stayed this four or five years without impregnating a malabress, KUDOS! Lol! It wasn’t easy!

Having had a rough day, I think posting this blog and possibly saving a life has made me happy! Stay Blessed and remember to write a story with your lifestyle that can impact on the people around you.

I will leave you with this lyrics from a popular BLACk Eye PeaS song:

People killing people Dying

Children hurting and are crying

Do we practice what we preach?

Do we turn the other cheek?

* montrer de la amour aux
enfants à naître *

Once again, its ur Boy Zebira!!

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