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Monday, December 8th, 2014


Weekends was something I looked forward to, it was the best way to relax after a long week of work and other activities. This week hadn’t been hectic though. I had three parties to attend. Didn’t have such luxury of free time so I had to pick two.

Odudu and Rene were two great friends of mine, Rene was a dark wonderful and priceless Jewel that made Earth beautiful🌃. When you think of the Himalayas, Those beautiful amazing Holiday resorts in Dubai, Brazil, France etc, the peaceful view of Sun city🌅 and the amazing Landscape in the Sahara, the beauty of Rene should also engulf your thoughts at that moment.
However Odudu missed my birthday and I had promised to repay him, yeah. Payback is a bitch!!!
So I opted for the less remarkable birthdays of Tricia and Mediatrix.
Fast forward to Mediatrix’s birthday, oh Tricia’s Birthday was fun and had its own Moment but that is a story for another day.

Mediatrix’s birthday was somewhere on the outskirts of town. The saturday had been quiet and didn’t have the air of adventure. I had a lot of activities for the new week and wasnt ready for any Unnecessary distraction.

I am not a fashion conscious person, the best moments of my life have always been without clothes. Lol.

Skinny Dragon of a nigga!! I quickly wore a pair of Jeans with my Priceless T shirt and Odudu’s Versace Slips! Yes we are that close? Yeah
I didn’t forget to wear my “not in the mood” Face.

22:30 and I was at the car park of The venue, Africans don’t dream big so they hardly make provisions for a Helipad in their building plans. Lol
The music coming in from the “Club” was quite impressive. This month i had surprisingly been a fan of WiZkid, i could dance to him just practically saying nothing on a mad beats from Legendary!! I remember when i was called a wizkid back in high school, trust me The girls loved me.
I finally walked into the party, At the entrance i was greeted by boring faces, I could perceive Hungry Sexually starved boys, horny girls and dopeness, everyone well sitted like it was a PDP convention. Two things i look forward to in a party, hot girls and music! The Former was obviously lacking at the moment.
The party was filled with the normal pre Madness activities. Blurry niggas, Slim Poverty Forced Models, Jik Bleached girls, Men on Snap back etc. Bad belle? It’s allowed.
I was beginning to get bored when i noticed something that looked like an Ass. Looked like? I didnt drink so i knew i could trust my Vision, Damn! It could take all the S- words in the dictionary to define her aura, beauty, her ASSets. The first words that came out of my lips when i saw her were

“Holy Ass of Assisi, this Ass can ride a Cross”.

Portiana created a killer impression. Portiana!!! Yes i found out her name, but let us rewind a little. She walked slowly to the dance floor. You could tell she knew how deadly her weapon was, curved after the similitude of Kim, i doubt any boy Could Whole heartedly fix his eyes somewhere else. There are some kind of bodies which leaves beholding the face irrelevant except unless she is as ugly as the look on a bad belle skinny girl reading this right now. Lol.
The music changed to Tekno’s Anything, Mad Jam, i noticed that as soon as Portiana hit the dance floor it began getting choked, there was Mad traffic jam on Portiana’s Avenue. I was wondering what manner of Pick up line i would need to invoke to get Portiana in my bed tonight! Oh yes, it took few hours to create a Woman, it shouldn’t take me more than that to undress a Queen. “Mtcheeew! Lol girls you can Hiss all you want!” 😜
The Dj was mad tonight, #NP Wizkid’s Wonder! The song inspired me, i wondered what i was waiting for to make a move. When i think of how impossible it seemed climbing the pole To no 1 on Porti’s Bang list that night, i just look at her Naked ass and smile! 😃

To be continued……


Saturday, February 2nd, 2013
Top Model

Top Model


Black is beautiful they say, little wonder why the sight of an African damsel ignites memorable pictures in the minds of men☻ .

Beauty is a perception from the heart and inner most minds, not the clothes she wears, the figure she carries or the way she combs her hair. Even the bible in 1 Timothy 2:9 attests to this fact

A complete African Queen is one whose lips speak words of kindness☃ , her radiant eyes look out for the good in people and her heart tells the time.

Many women seek for a slim figure but do not share their food with the needy “show kindness”

An African woman shouldn’t lack poise and confidence because God is always beside her. Owing to the fact that Eve was created as a comforter to Adam, many ladies believe that a Man is an anchor to them but Judging from the “Forbidden Fruit” story, it appears Eve had a strong aura.

An African woman is a definition of Strength, Wisdom, Love and Dignity. Don’t let any man show you God. You possess the abilities to conquer the world.
Don’t be a lady looking for a rich man to fulfil your dreams, be a lady who has fulfilled her dreams and is searching for the perfect dad for her kids.

Realize your strengths, know your weaknesses and appraise your self. The key to earning respect from all and sundry is to read loads of books and take part in meaningful and intelligent conversations.


☑ Make sure you show how you can be ladylike and feminine but also strong and independent at the same time.

☑Don’t let insults weigh you down. Bear in mind that people who insult another suffers from low self-esteem.

☑Don’t get caught up in superficial trends, show timeless style.

☑Read fashion magazines and blogs to keep up to date.

☑Always act like you’re visiting the Royal Family, there is no better way to keep your manners!

I don’t want to sound funny but someday I will pay a visit to the white house and I would be ushered in to see a woman, an African, the President of the United States of America.

A wonderful college story

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