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Monday, December 8th, 2014


Weekends was something I looked forward to, it was the best way to relax after a long week of work and other activities. This week hadn’t been hectic though. I had three parties to attend. Didn’t have such luxury of free time so I had to pick two.

Odudu and Rene were two great friends of mine, Rene was a dark wonderful and priceless Jewel that made Earth beautiful🌃. When you think of the Himalayas, Those beautiful amazing Holiday resorts in Dubai, Brazil, France etc, the peaceful view of Sun city🌅 and the amazing Landscape in the Sahara, the beauty of Rene should also engulf your thoughts at that moment.
However Odudu missed my birthday and I had promised to repay him, yeah. Payback is a bitch!!!
So I opted for the less remarkable birthdays of Tricia and Mediatrix.
Fast forward to Mediatrix’s birthday, oh Tricia’s Birthday was fun and had its own Moment but that is a story for another day.

Mediatrix’s birthday was somewhere on the outskirts of town. The saturday had been quiet and didn’t have the air of adventure. I had a lot of activities for the new week and wasnt ready for any Unnecessary distraction.

I am not a fashion conscious person, the best moments of my life have always been without clothes. Lol.

Skinny Dragon of a nigga!! I quickly wore a pair of Jeans with my Priceless T shirt and Odudu’s Versace Slips! Yes we are that close? Yeah
I didn’t forget to wear my “not in the mood” Face.

22:30 and I was at the car park of The venue, Africans don’t dream big so they hardly make provisions for a Helipad in their building plans. Lol
The music coming in from the “Club” was quite impressive. This month i had surprisingly been a fan of WiZkid, i could dance to him just practically saying nothing on a mad beats from Legendary!! I remember when i was called a wizkid back in high school, trust me The girls loved me.
I finally walked into the party, At the entrance i was greeted by boring faces, I could perceive Hungry Sexually starved boys, horny girls and dopeness, everyone well sitted like it was a PDP convention. Two things i look forward to in a party, hot girls and music! The Former was obviously lacking at the moment.
The party was filled with the normal pre Madness activities. Blurry niggas, Slim Poverty Forced Models, Jik Bleached girls, Men on Snap back etc. Bad belle? It’s allowed.
I was beginning to get bored when i noticed something that looked like an Ass. Looked like? I didnt drink so i knew i could trust my Vision, Damn! It could take all the S- words in the dictionary to define her aura, beauty, her ASSets. The first words that came out of my lips when i saw her were

“Holy Ass of Assisi, this Ass can ride a Cross”.

Portiana created a killer impression. Portiana!!! Yes i found out her name, but let us rewind a little. She walked slowly to the dance floor. You could tell she knew how deadly her weapon was, curved after the similitude of Kim, i doubt any boy Could Whole heartedly fix his eyes somewhere else. There are some kind of bodies which leaves beholding the face irrelevant except unless she is as ugly as the look on a bad belle skinny girl reading this right now. Lol.
The music changed to Tekno’s Anything, Mad Jam, i noticed that as soon as Portiana hit the dance floor it began getting choked, there was Mad traffic jam on Portiana’s Avenue. I was wondering what manner of Pick up line i would need to invoke to get Portiana in my bed tonight! Oh yes, it took few hours to create a Woman, it shouldn’t take me more than that to undress a Queen. “Mtcheeew! Lol girls you can Hiss all you want!” 😜
The Dj was mad tonight, #NP Wizkid’s Wonder! The song inspired me, i wondered what i was waiting for to make a move. When i think of how impossible it seemed climbing the pole To no 1 on Porti’s Bang list that night, i just look at her Naked ass and smile! 😃

To be continued……

kuc torts 1

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

LAW 323 Law of Torts I

Banged at the River Bank🌊

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Whoosh!!! Life has been beautiful, sincere apologies to all my readers for the long gap in my literal strata.😚 My quest and determination to unravel the complexities of our degenerating country has made time a scarce resource in my life. For the main time i am back with a hot, sizzling, deep, non fictional sanguinaceous story of a perfect sexually erotic evening. Relax and have a splendid read. 🔞


The morning was like every morning, Tunji woke up with a sense of loneliness and abandon. He had not been laid in a very long time, it wasn’t as if there was no Slave, slave? Yeah, the new name for girls who are at the dick n ball of a dude but not fit enough to be a girlfriend, 😯, This definition according to Christopher, Tunji’s fair handsome Warri friend.
So there were slaves but getting down didn’t come with a new adventurous thought to Tunji and he had decided not to sleep with any coquette just for fun.

Having completed his morning routine; praying, going through headlines from different media, replying messages from lonely girls and boring entities from the previous night, Tunji quickly scanned through his “To-do” list. The only girl he planned to see was Bella.
Bella was one girl Tunji had never had the chance of pouncing 😾, she was a former beauty Queen👸and had a killer waist. There wasn’t much to look forward to as He didnt have a concrete plan for Bella.
Armed with a charm that many “lucky” girls found irresistible, Tunji was a petite Hunk in his early 20’s, with brown eyes and a thick luscious eye brow, he exuded a carriage like one who lived in the High brow areas. He learnt how to love back in High school and perfected his sexual skills after long periods of theoretical learning. He believed that Love was not sex as 70% of boys often lose interest in a girl they were head over heels with once they ejaculate in her, with few exceptions when a virgin is involved. 👰

From making girls hit orgasm online, to running out of his room with one leg of trouser👯, to inventing “Iced Head”, Tunji just had that venom that could throw a girl into a miasma of rapturous, stupefying, body quaking, electrifying sexual satisfaction😎.

Evening approached, the evening was buzzing with workers returning from work and Female students returning from their 7pm lectures which always lasted for about 69 minutes😉. Bella had earlier sent a text to Tunji to pick her from her home. Bella stepped out looking modest in a blue Cover all blouse and a black leggings, seemed like a formal meeting as usual. Despite the modesty, Tunji kept picturing Bella without her clothes, his twitching eyes pierced her blouse imagining her dangling pointed nipples, her leggings did little in concealing the bulge of her V. Suddenly the feeling that comes with a 10 degree weather was upon Tunji.
Bella was beautiful, dark and had a sculpted like body. Perfect is the word! She liked Tunji but his deceptive looks never made her think of having those discreet moments with him. However this night she saw the hunger in Tunji’s eyes, his haze was penetrating, she felt naked in his presence, and actually she wanted to be naked!!! How she wished Tunji could read minds.

Of course Tunji did, he felt the pang beneath his abdomen, this feeling was a familiar one. His mind quickly scanned the length and breadth of the city for a place where History could be made, a hotel bed was out of the question, he didn’t want to destroy another like he did two friday nights ago.🙈

Suddenly a thought came into his mind, the scene; a wooden caraven surrounded by the whoosh of the oceans, bella! legs apart, pointing to the stars, moaning to the crunching sound of our clashing hips. 😄 , yes a plan was hatched.


One thing Tunji had learnt over the years was that sex was more awesome when there was no expected favour in return, when both parties are in such a mood for selfish reasons stricto sensu.

Fast forward to thirty minutes, Tunji and Bella were at the car park, the Pinana Island was one of the cities finest if not the country’s. It was surrounded by water and was lonely during weekdays. They both got out and walked around the Island with hands interlocked. The softness of her pam hardened Tunji’s Third Leg in a heaviness of desirability that would destroy him if he wasn’t fulfilled. They talked about random things as they walked towards the river bank, by the bank was a wooden open space, shielded from full view by the trees and shrubs, the coolness of the breeze and wave of the river made earth feel like heaven.
Tunji then put his hand around her waist, he couldn’t waste this rare moment. Bella felt the warmth of his
arms, she moved convulsively, recoiling away from him. But the overweening power of his body was too much for her. And then the kissed😘🙊, she was so sweet, like a bliss of release. Her heart was panting, her body golden like honey of darkness, his desire more treacherous and infallible. Bella was gone, his lips felt so cold, so fresh, so sea-clear, it was like kissing a flower that grows near the surf. 💋 She wanted him right inside her like a meteorite plunging across the chasm between the worlds. 🚀Bella was wary though, she suffered a phobia for those male rods that were XXL. She was just recovering from Sule’s night mare, that Hausa boy almost took off her womb, one thrust accompanied with “kai” was like u were being hit by a car. She promised her self not to go that “length” just for pleasure. All along a holidayer at the Island was watching Tunji and Bella with her binoculars, Rose was in her mid 20’s, she was engaged to a business mogul from Delta, his regular absence coupled with his lack of a firm sexual kit for satisfaction made Rose’s sex life boring, she wished she was bella right now.
Tunji’s pill for every girl was patience, stride after stride, precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little and there a little, this little things made every part of bella want every part of him. Bella’s hand roamed every part of his hard body, her body went loose when he kissed her neck and grabbed her butt with hunger.

Great sex was preceded by great romance.

Tunji had a weakness though, he was “too big” for some women down there, he couldn’t count the number of times girls had changed their minds once they felt it or was it the number of virgins he had to turn down, he was big💪, sorta a Dragon!! Bella’s finger reached a little below his navel, she felt the bulge, expected it to be short and fat, she slid down her fingers 😮, she felt like a stripper sliding down a brown pole with veins. She couldn’t, she just couldn’t. Tunji felt the withdrawal, that mood was familiar, Bella quickly freed his grip and made to get away😟, Tunji hurriedly buttoned up and followed, he tried persuading her and dragging her back all along but she didn’t bulge. Disappointment was an understatement, Tunji suddenly felt the heat, with a full erection and a bruised ego his day was shredded. They were about to leave when Tunji realised his key and phones were not in his pocket. Damn! They must have fallen whère they were romancing😡, Bella though it was a ploy and decided not to follow him back. She left! Tunji was sad, the lonely walk back made him more aware of the darkness. The darkness that was romantic suddenly portrayed Danger🚫. >br />
20140819-124013-45613203.jpgTunji’s was lost in thoughts, when a voice startled him, “you must have forgotten your key” she said. Oluwa!!! Tunji stopped, could she be a mermaid, Holy Castro!, her body, sculptured after the similitude of a Peru Princess. Tunji struggled to murmur, I never knew Angels could miss their way, his voice had these Russian accent that caused her blood to rush.

To Be Continued…,

FF the writer on IG: zebira_

Road to CCQ – My Story

Sunday, November 24th, 2013


Sitting at the balcony in double tree by hilton h, Maryland, USA, I couldnt help but notice the serene ambiance of the atmosphere and the moving skies, I said to myself, Life indeed has been a journey, a journey from a quiet, studious ever smiling Sophia to her Royal Highness. The journey which I want to share with my best friend, my diary……..

DIARY: How did you decide to contest for CCQ?

ME: I was first told about the contest by my friend, I laughed at the idea the first time. The second time was by a stranger who met me for the first time and told me he will buy the form for me. Again I laughed about it, I concentrated on the smaller one which was MISS UNICAL. I filled the Carnival Calabar Queen form gotten for me by the stranger, I never submitted it and after the Miss UNICAL contest where I emerged Miss UNICAL I was persuaded by another friend of mine whose cousin was going for the same audition to go for the audition. I did and when I got there I was told to submit the form, I didn’t have it there with me so I called the stranger who got the form for me the first time and he told his friend to give me the form on credit. It was very funny though because I saw many pretty girls who obviously planned for this particular contest.  

DIARY: You really must be lucky, good things come to you from strange people, so how did the audition finally go?  
ME: I finally filled my form and submitted it then I went ahead to mingle with the other intending contestants. I spoke to them and asked questions that might help me in the audition. I found a magazine with one of the girls and I read it a little and then I was called up for my audition. Note this, when you get in, try to make eye contact with all the people in the room at different times and when you do that greet them. Begin to smile from the door. Again the points of having the information of Cross River State, MACA, CCQ and most especially talent presentation must be over emphasized. You must know the basics about yourself- your names, age, height, simple statistics, hobbies and anything that covers up as an introduction of YOU. I was asked some questions which I answered confidently though I was not totally sure of the answers I gave. This brings me to the point of confidence, most times, people mistake confidence for over confidence or being rude and proud and end up losing out on the fun and being too competitive to a fault that they might even have enemies. Never lose your confidence no matter what the problem or situation that comes by you. In my case it was one of the judges told me pop and plain that my miss unical winning poem was boring. Try to find humor in something scary. Never stop smiling. Never lie about anything during an audition because it is difficult to hold up a lie for a very long time.


DIARY:  Whooop!!!! I think its easier said than done, okay so you were selected, you got in, what next and how was the camping?

ME: When you are lucky enough to get by the two very challenging auditions, you will be told what to bring for your two weeks camp. While getting the things you need, don’t get too expensive instead get comfortable, fitting, and decent-looking requirements. It’s not how glamorous but how prestigious you look.  Attend all classes and never miss any rehearsals. Respect your mummies and your Grand ma. Wake up on time, sleep when you ought to and eat moderately especially when it comes to eating junk. Have fun to the fullest and never see anything as a task rather, be happy doing it and do it like you love doing it. Make as many friends as you can but don’t lose focus in all of these. Your weapons (talent display and traditional attire presentation) should never be exposed. Have a dummy show in other not to look mean or sound mean. It is all in you to win no magic, charm or crazy plan all you need is in you. Never fall for a crazy deceit that anyone could make you win. The camping period might be very challenging as you get to meet different girls with different attitudes and lifestyles how to survive living with them is simply being yourself. Yep! That simple , now during the camping period take your morning exercises very seriously as they will keep you going throughout the contest period.

DIARY:   The road to 6 million worth of prices sounds tough…. so what else apart from the camping…  

ME: The governor’s masked ball is one of the awesome events that is witnessed by many especially the elites of the state. During this event all contestants are present and will certainly have a role to play so every contestant should be very attentive to her role during rehearsals. You will be asked to introduce yourselves, endeavor to do that right without over doing it.

DIARY: The Governor, I want to meet the governor….i want to introduce myself too…  

ME: lol…. crazy diary, ok ok…. I will take you with me on the 23rd…. front row…. yeah, wheeeew, that brings me to the D-DAY.

This day is the supposed most dreaded day but trust me it’s the day to keep calm and love God. Make available your costumes for every outing and be ready for a marathon. Try to get your hair and makeup done on time especially when you are among the first fifteen contestants.  You will be tensed and it is so allowed. Don’t let it get you so low though, feel free like you were in a technical rehearsal. If you make mistakes quickly correct yourself and move on. Try to use less time than usual and while trying to do that don’t rush your lines. Be audible but don’t project into a microphone, if you are doing an act that needs your hands to be free request for a head mic to avoid poor performance on stage. It is important to smile at all times and be confident in whatever you have to present.

Alas.………. After the event is over, congratulate the winner and as for the winner don’t be bossy, proud, arrogant, mean or a B*t*h. well I know you won’t because no queen has this traits. Pick your stuffs and be on your way back. Be very nice to whoever the winner is because you have no idea what job you just earned yourself.  Good luck to you all and May the best girl wear the crown. Diary come lets take a walk to the beach…………..

HBD SophiA

Thursday, October 24th, 2013


A Letter to A Born Queen

The start of Today should have been signaled by the Town Criers and Gongs

5 years ago I saw an Angel with developing wings

Charisma and smiles enough to charm an Army

Beauty and Brains with the loving heart of a mother hen

5 years on and I have watched you grow

Blossoming so bright like diamonds

Courageous like a Dog chasing a Tiger

Defying all odds to make even with success

Her Royal Majesty

Our Queen

You have brought Joy to the people in your world

Forever we are Proud of You

Happy Birthday to a Rare Epitome of a Complete African woman created with the finest Heavenly Pixels

Live forever and a day More.

CCQ in Brazil

CCQ in Brazil

FEB 14th-Best Night Ever Part 2

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Dear readers, this is the concluding part of the Feb 14th story, Enjoy your reading

….before I could turn, valerie had closed the door shut, with her legs making ∕̴Ɩ 90 degree, she slowly pressed my head downwards like she was baptising me, her soft sound could tell when I hit the right spots.

She quickly pressed hard against the wall and leaped, my dangling arms willingly caught her, I squeezed deep on her butt and caught her lips with min; tightening my belly, my loosely belted trouser fell to the ground, my pistol shooting out of its holster, she reached for the crown on my dickhead.

I realized I didn’t have ∕̴Ɩ rubber on me…. The urge to dive into the atlantic without ∕̴Ɩ floater was high, but my principles just won’t let me, while contemplating, ∕̴Ɩ hand turned the door knob, valerie tried shutting it but the dude at the other end made another attempt, sensing danger, I quickly wore my trouser and replaced her bra and gown, on our way out the “sonofabitch” offered to watch for us while he went after set. I guess he’s in detention right now for gang raping. Lol

We quickly took few tots and danced moderately, my brother and his friend who had accompanied me to the club signaled it was time we left, Valerie and Sonita, another of Annabel’s friend also decided to leave, we held hands and walked towards the car park.

Hope your day finally ended ∕̴Ɩ little better? I asked, Yes she said, but there is just one last thing I feel like doing. At that point the fire in me was ignited. I kissed her on her forehead, we exchanged numbers and I left, deep down within, I knew it would be hard to catch valerie again filled with the same fire like tonight.

I called my cousin to come open the gate, he said we couldn’t come home as our neighbors were being robbed, he told us to get ∕̴Ɩ hotel and spend d night. I begged him to get ∕̴Ɩ packet of Latex from my Jean Jacket and hoist over the fence. I quickly called Valerie and told her wassup.

After 15 minutes of trying to locate her friends house, we were running up the stairs, her unsuspecting friend suggested we slept in one room.

Valerie told her friend she needed to go to the shower, was still pondering how to join her, I quickly wrapped ∕̴Ɩ piece of paper, and lit ∕̴Ɩ match stick, sonita said she was asthmatic and suggested I smoked downstairs. KABOOM!!

Valerie’s naked body under the faint moon light was ∕̴Ɩ tale of ∕̴Ɩ fairy rose, her firm turkey ass, slim straight legs and cuvèt shoulders took my breath away.

I watched with erotic pleasure water slowly cascading down her boobs to her Valley, she was ripe, young, tender and “feastive”.

She caught me morose and starring at her, like Aladin I quickly dashed into the opposite room and laid on the bed, she came in dripping, wet and looking wild.

Our body chemistry all night made me wonder why she was in the Arts field, I kissed her on every spot, her body spread over me like cancer.

Valerie had this physical weak sex slaved build which without much conscious effort drove ∕̴Ɩ man Peanuts.

She quickly grabbed my piston, it was not cocked so it was harmless. Her bj was mad, she took my 12+ inch all into her throat, swirling her tongue and drilling in ∕̴Ɩ way that could envy Trained Engineers, her tongue was warm, she started going hard, using both hands to twist in both directions, I moaned in “sexstacy”, you taste like coconut she murmured, this was real!!

My fingers ran through her hair, I pulled her shoulders up, she slided to my lips, she kept on moving up, my lips keeping route reminders on her neck; her nipples tasted like Indian guava.
One gift my tongue was blessed with was running between two nipples in 0.5 second, this act made valerie squeal ∕̴Ɩ wavy moan
If PS 2 pads were like valerie’s ass, no boy will love to loose…
I needed to do more magic to valerie’s body, I gripped her ass and pulled it up, the moan that greeted my tongue on her wet clit was ballistic, I slowly glided my tongue in, her walls were cold n smooth, her G spot was not hard to find, I put more pressure tickling it with the under of my tongue, her Joy couldn’t be held as she hit orgasm, her v****a was as tasty and fruity as seedless water melon, her contraction gave my tongue ∕̴Ɩ cone shape, her flexibility wowed me when she bent backwards and swallowed my dick, she showed me the square of 69..

That 10 seconds was the most dangerous bj I had ever received, we quickly entangled, the pace all night had been slow and spanish, I needed to go Italian, I quickly dragged her from behind, lowering her waist like ∕̴Ɩ lion about to spring, I slid on the latex and began pounding, my hands firmly smooching the crest of her breast, our moans were deafening. I kept spanking her ass and massaging her shoulder with my left hand.

From doggy to scissors to police and thief and some styles which researchers are still looking for names for, valerie matched me stride for stride.

Valerie’s missionary converted me, I laid on her, deep into her system, kissing her lips and neck, I didn’t move, only my dick breathing n growing inside her, her ass dancing and wriggling, she knew it was that time, she made me sit facing her and she did same, I put ∕̴Ɩ pillow under her, we were riding face to face, slutily biting our lips, she started screaming, I felt her coming, I moaned “I’m coming with you”, I felt her warm cum on my thighs, I couldn’t hold it any more, I enveloped her and jerked twice before letting an ocean into the latex, I grunted and squeezed on the sheets, it was over, I looked at my time and it was over 2hrs since I arrived, we cuddled for 30 minutes before going to wash off. I returned to the room to find Valerie’s friend under the duve, I slid in and slept like ∕̴Ɩ saint.

By morning, news had reached Annabel and somehow she tricked us to ∕̴Ɩ popular canteen, valerie and I vehemently denied even kissing valerie, we knew Who the Snitch was by the way, as I was leaving school, I got ∕̴Ɩ text, it read, “Hi, its Valerie, as soon as I saw you today, I became WET, lol, I replied and drove off smiling.


Camel Toe Pussy

Camel Toe Pussy

FEBRUARY 14TH – Best Night Ever

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

I walked into the club feeling Mad, sad, abandoned and rejected.

It was February 14th and I had just broken up with my girlfriend, this was my first time of having a girlfriend on valentines day as an adult, all my sleepless nights anticipating a red letter day in the arms of Annabel fizzled out few hours ago.

My four months r/ship seemed to have been going smooth until the afternoon of feb 14th, I had earlier sent a mind blowing text to my “supposed” girlfriend.
Pretty faced, cute lips and lovely partitioned set of teeth, Annabel was a good looking dark girl that any dude would go savory for.

She had this superior elegance and soft address.

We were to spend the night together at a planned dinner, I got a call around 2pm and she said she wanted to see me, I had earlier “painstakingly” bought a phone as a gift, I thank the God of Uche who made me leave it at home”.

A sorry faced Annabel I met in one of the cities choiced eateries, she explained that her mum told her to follow her to church that night and as such we couldn’t see, I felt bad for her, she decided to go and buy ice cream downstairs, a chess move that killed her game.

BOOM!! My itchy hands scrolled to her phone and guess what, the sleaky, slimy, slymy snake sent my exact text message to another dude, and added ” My mom traveled, would spend the evening with you “.

But for the Grace of God, this story should have stopped here. Trust me the sword of betrayal is sharper than a prick in a butt.

Valerie was a close friend of Annabel, she didn’t have the prettiest of faces neither did she dress provocatively to school but she had an amazing body, well partitioned curves and cat eyes to match it up.

She must have noticed me when I walked into the club, I obviously wasn’t myself, felt like dancing away my sorrows because I don’t drink neither do I smoke.

What is troubling you? A soft voice spoke from behind me, oh Valerie, i said in a forceful bright voice, I wasn’t good at transferring aggressions so I tried to be nice to Annabel’s friend.

I tried telling her I was good but tears almost rolled out of my eyes, I hurriedly walked towards the convenience.

Wait!”, she followed me into
the corridor. I hunched on the wall, She walked right up to me and said, “Hey, don’t be such a baby. You know you should not anyone ruin your Special evening. I explained what happened and she felt pity for me, patting me and saying words to calm me down.

Her voice seemed to calm my anger a little.

I looked up only to see that Valerie was not paying attention to her clothing. I could see the outline of her bra through her gown . I pretended to be sad and continued looking at the unsuspecting valerie.

Suddenly, she bent over and patted my thigh and that was when I saw it! Her cleavage was smooth… and I could smell her perfume.

Her short Black gown exposed her delightful skin and I could swear it had a lip that was calling out to me.

She put her arms around me in an attempt to comfort me, what she didn’t know was that I was secretly enjoying the soft feel of her breasts against my chest. I took a chance and returned her hug. A few seconds passed and she noticed that I was beginning to feel her back and had
begun pressing against her more than usual.

At the point I felt a tear, Valerie was sobbing, I asked what the problem was, she broke down telling me of how her boyfriend had also broken up with her earlier that evening because of a junior student in her former school, at this point we were like two lost adults with our minds below our waist.

I suddenly felt bold and reached down
slowly. I slowly put my hand inside her gown and explored her smooth skin with my eager fingers. My legs leaped when I felt the camel toe shape or her lower *clit*. Valerie knew something was not right. She knew she must pull away and break the hug. And that is when she realised something… my pants were beginning to tighten up against her knee!!

She tried to reach for my hands but was interrupted by an erected pillar, the slight touch made her quiver and sink deep into my waiting arms.

I made a quick scribble with the line of her G string, her moan n gosh threw me into a trance.

I knew I had to stop, I quickly whispered into her hears, Can we dance?

We hit the dance floor like two mexicans with right pair of shoes, her erotic dance steps mixed with our rhythm and eye contact made it look like we rehearsed, Valerie was a smooth dancer, she could have sworn I worked with the FBI, my body searched every pore on her skin like a Female Body Inspector.

A dude suddenly tapped me and whispered, “baba you de make Konji catch me”, it was at that point I realized we were almost making magnetic love on the dance floor.

My phone rang and I excused her to go to the convenience, Hello? Sweetheart am sorry, the voice was that of Annabel, I hissed and ended the call, turning around, my lips stood an inch from valerie’s, the only thing that could stop us from devouring each other was the coming of Jesus, we quicky dashed into the male side and started kissing, her lips were cold and salty, probably from the tears, her fingers caressed my whole back like she had 22 of them, without hesitation, I lifted up her gown and her nipples said HI through her victoria secrets bra, I kissed her North, East and West, I glided through her middle region, spending worship time at her navel, my teeth was about relocating her panties when someone tried to open the door…..

to be continued…

FONY – A King with his own crown + Other Gist

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013


FONY with MO

FONY with MO

Hi Readers,

Born Mfoniso Juda Ekpe, he is a Presenter and Technical assistant at EbonyLife studios, an alumni of Unical and AIESEC, his story which is being written with a golden pen has inspired me to release this quick paragraph. Happy reading!


For most of you who know Mfoniso Juda Ekpe, popularly known as Fony, it won’t be misplaced to say he is an entity that has had his head fixed on one direction, Showbiz.

A fresh graduate of the department of Economics, Unical, Fony is one of the fastest rising names among Nigeria’s celebrities.

My focus today is not on his role as an EbonyLife employee or his ever increasing fan base especially among the ladies. I just want to use this specimen as a case study on our preparedness towards what we dream to achieve.

Calabar as a city has been termed a lazy city with un ambitious boys, less opportunities and “Itong” Girls, but how well prepared are we for the opportunities that are soon coming at us.

Fony, if we recall has always been up to his game when it comes to presenting; his dressing, fluency, humility and readiness to listen and learn stood him out from the leagues of “Presenters”.

I remember a particular event where he was smartly and expensively dressed and I shared a joke with a friend that most times the money Fony spends on his dressing to events might be more than the profit the organisers make from it.

Little wonder why he didn’t need to pull strings or need a God Father to snap up his present Job.

A story was once told of a village where there hadn’t been rain for 3 years, all the villagers gathered to pray for rain at the village square, only one little boy actually came with an umbrella.

For you to be picked, for you to be different, know where you are going and leave the rest to the wimps and caprices of Nature.

IN other news…….

Calabar A List Fire Power Boy who is now a house hold name Omatsola Inone who is known for his madt crave for BMW is at it again.

The petite Gidi fine boy recently tormented the town with his matte black BM which made some boys who drive cars less expensive than the price of the original paint to do follow follow.

Gist reaching us has it that he has sold the car and has recently acquired a killer BMW, Watch out for a pimped eye popping ride.


“Iyammi”, that was the word that dropped from my lips when I last visited the cinema.

It is now a rampant scenario for young boys and girls to make out in the cinema with daring carefree attitude.

Recently, a calabar boy was caught with a minor poking his fingers between her legs with her bra un strapped.

I guess they would soon have a VIP section with a bed in the cinema.

Jewelry Zone

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Fony in an Off Mood

Fony in an Off Mood



Omatsola's Matte BMW

Omatsola’s Matte BMW


Friday, August 16th, 2013

Hello readers, Its your boy Zebira,

Calabar has been kinda quiet of recent with most of our girls going North, Giving south just to travel East and west. Yes! The Abuja and Dubai connection has really been productive this days.

S/O to some fresh boys who have been keeping the hustle clean and repping big time, catching up with the fashion and Panache of our cyclic world. Below are pictures of some cali boys doing the state proud. In other News

MERCY ISOYIP acquires a brand new Hyundai!!

Fresh gist reaching us “speculate” that our darling Mercy Isoyip, Maiden Face of Cybermul just acquired a Brand new (tear rubber) Hyundai. The retail price of the car is said to be in the region of 3 million.

For those of you who read her interview on this blog, you’ll agree that tear rubber blessings come to tear rubber Girls.

God Bless this damsel.

DORIS ALO the new kid on the block!

Soji babe Doris seems to be getting her groove on, the tall “fair” cover skinned Alo has two singles making raves and has gotten nods from top artist like Daddy Showkey!!

Fresh from overseas, Cash Bernard as his new bunch of friends call him who cruises in a Yellow Tanned Nissan seems to be taking the town by storm, 2.3 million in one day doesn’t seem like a Kid’s affair. Welcome home Cash Bernard.

24th August
Tick this date on your calendar, the First Daughter of Successful Business woman, Chioma Obi gets married to her Long time boyfriend, the wedding is expected to be classy, pinky and spicy as the reception is at the Grand Venetian Arena. Please this is not an invite. Lol. We wish them Long Life and pretty Grand children.

Joining the unending list of girls who are recently turning entrepreneurs such as Obasi, CEO Obzil’s Place, Olivia of Oliveries “Stroictly for Men” is Miss Flora, a graduate of the computer science department. She recently returned from Dubai and is soon to open her Clothing Outfit. God Bless this pretty fair mama.

Coming soon…. A thrilling romantic story. ” The Night I murdered Sleep”

Keep a Date!

Doris Alo

Doris Alo

Mercy Tear Rubber

Mercy Tear Rubber

Fresh Cali Boys

Fresh Cali Boys


Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

The breeze became more fierce and the sound of the thunder could be heard from a close distance, it seems tonight was going to be another lonely cold night shekirat said to her self.
She had just arrived from the market where she went to buy ice cream and berries.

Shekirat was an undergraduate, she lived with her parents downtown New Airport, her parents had traveled for a week leaving her all alone with her aunty Shade.

Shade hardly slept at home all week as her church was having their convention that week.

The skies had turned deep black, shekirat quickly had her shower and slid into her favorite pink cleavage revealing night gown. She quickly shut the windows and doors, she went to her bag to get her phone which was her only companion for the night.

Her eyes widened as she realized she must have forgotten her phone in the cab that brought her home, she suddenly felt sad knowing that the chances of she seeing her phone was very little.

Trying not to jump the gun she decided to call with her sub phone, luckily for her, someone picked.

He-he-lloo the voice echoed, was he a stammerer? Shekirat wondered, hi she said, please I am the owner of this phone, o-o-okay, where are you? New Airport, Rd 7, the last house on the left, green roof, shekirat happily described.

She waited patiently for a flash of light. It was barely fifteen minutes when she heard a horn and her phone ringing, she could see the headlights through the fence. She hurriedly ran out side and opened the gate.

By this time it had started drizzling, the “cab guy” walked out and headed towards the gate, it was at this point shekirat realized she had forgotten to grab a wrapper, she was almost naked in front of a stranger, she tried to distract him by starting a conversation before his idle eyes calculated the length of her night gown.

Mike was a tall, handsome hunk, a part time student at the university. He didn’t have a lot of friends, he often used his uncle’s old car to run cab to sustain himself.

He was huge below his waist, this made his friends in boarding school nickname him HORSE.

Shekirat couldn’t help but notice his handsomeness; his broad shoulders, well shaven hair and blue eyes caused her nipples pop out of their socket, there was an instant rise between Mike’s leg like something was reaching to give her a handshake. Their stares and silence was interrupted by the sudden weeping of the skies, close your windows and come in, shekirat quickly said, like a King who expected a royal welcome, mike was already at it.

The downpour was instantaneous and heavy that the few seconds they spent outside, they were both drenched.

As soon as they were inside Mike quickly stretched his hand to give shekirat her phone, his fingers touched hers, they paused for a second, they both felt a sudden pulse fire their heart beats, a loud thunder struck and shekirat fearfully leaped and landed on mike’s chest, her gown going up in the process, revealing her fair, curved magnus thighs. It was at this point the whole events flashed in her eyes, a cold night, nearly naked, with a handsome stranger and horny, she was in a den with a lion, she knew she had a gun and a single bullet which she wasn’t willing to use.

To be continued.