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Face of Jakaranda and Unical's Jim Iyke

Face of Jakaranda and Unical’s Jim Iyke



Hello Readers, I want to use this medium to specially thank all those who made this first months of my blogging successful. I got both positive and negative comments and also got salutes from people I respect. I hope to serve you all better.

coming soon………..


On our First Edition of Story Tellers, we meet a young, hard working and characteristical replica of Nollywood’s Famous Actor Jim Iyke. My meeting and interview with this dude was exciting, hilarious, educative and more than expected. His smart, composed and refreshing aura showed that he has a lot to offer. He spoke on his career, the things we do not know about him, his love life and the State of Entertainment in Calabar.

Trust me, this dude is on his way to stardom. Even my pretty colleague who accompanied me for the interview can attest to that.


Smart, Intelligent, beautiful and Sexy are the words that come to your mind when you get a chance to meet this young girl that has all the cravings of a real African Woman. On this episode of LOVE and LIFE S. 1 E. 2, we caught up with this Sexy, Stylish, Slim Shady to give us an insight on how she combines her Beauty , her Paris Dress sense, her swag, her Love life with a WoW WoW WOw 1st Semester Gp of 4.8. She also talks about basic fashion tips for a young girl and gives clues on how to treat a woman right, sure the boys don’t want to miss this.


We catch up on all the gist making waves in the city of calabar, from the after parties of fresh graduates to the freshest year one girls of Unical and crutech down to the HD Blockbuster “Street Trailers” which featured most of our Calabar peeps in it. You just can’t miss this stories and more.

Happy New Month to you all, Success to all those writing exams and remember to give to the needy this LenT season.

Once again, Its your Boy Zebira and the ‘Z’ stands for Zeal

Kenneth In the movie STREET TRAILERS

Kenneth In the movie STREET TRAILERS


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  1. bro am seriously feeling ya write ups and your good command of english… keep up the good work and make unical proud… miss you peeps very well…


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