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LOVE LIFE Season 1 E. 1

d couples on val's day

d couples on val’s day

Welcome to the first episode of Love and Life. They always say love is in the air, some actually breathe it while some are asthmatic. I will be bringing you romantic stories on HOW TO LOVE and what LOVE really is….. Here is my first publication…. Happy Reading:

Its a Season Of love, and every girl or guy wants to be loved in a special way, I caught up with one of calabars youngest and cute Mr Right to give us an excerpt on the valentine season and his present love life…. Here is how the interview went….. Fasten your seat belt for a Cupid Circus Classic Courtesy Cristo & Collette!

ZIRA: Good Evenig Cristo, happy valentine, its a privilege to have you on Zebira’s Network, could you please tell us your take on Valentine

RES: It’s like every other day to me,only meant to be special,if u have someone you love…

ZIRA: Who is that special woman in your life?

RES: Colette Mgbe;)

ZIRA: You obviously are handsome and got girls all over you, what special qualities made u pick out Collette

RES: I did not choose her,it’s my destiny to be with her….She is very special,best thing to ever happen to me(relationship wise)

ZIRA: Wow!! So romantic there Mr. Cristo….

How do you deal with rumours, gossips and what they assume?

RES: Trust, that’s what counts most in a relationship…Rumors are every where,in unical,in politics,in business etc…I just push the ignore button & live my life

ZIRA: you’re so on point Mr Cristo… What is ur advice to boys who want to have a steady girlfriend like you?

RES: Don’t drool over her physical attributes,character counts most

ZIRA: Finally Mr Cristo, are we going to be hearing the wedding bells soon?

RES: Got to finish school,Make money,then you would hear the wedding bells soon

ZIRA: thanks so much for your time and response Mr Cristo… Have a splendid evening…..

Finally…. Cristo played the C in C (how well do you know your girlfriend) game and he got all the questions right! Here are the questions;

Q 1. What is collette’s favorite/dream Car?

Q2. What is her fav accessorie in her collection?

Q3…. How many birthmarks does Collette have?

I will give the answers he gave after 10 post on this blog…

I wish Cristo and Collette a stronger relationship, and for all those out there who haven’t experienced love, be patient, LOVE is something you can’t resist when it comes…. It flows naturally. In Cristo’s words, look inward and not by skin colour or sexiness….. I wish you all a belated Happy Val and keep showing LOVE to those that deserve it… Muchas Gracias.

Cristo and Colly

Cristo and Colly


13 thoughts on “LOVE LIFE Season 1 E. 1

  1. Is it just me or u guys are just tryin to make him feel good?….u write well man but the whole stuff lacks depth. Good writers always give depth to their write-ups. Anyway, nice work


  2. Zira Ūя̲̅ doin sth vry awesome, A̶̲̥̅♏ S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ feelin lik fallin L♥√ , cristo n collette plz kip d lov burnin


  3. Cool concept! Ekstein it lacks depth but it still has a thing or two to learn from it, Zebira just push the ignore button and keep moving. Lol


  4. This sounds like high skool magazine interview……… *smh* …… I wish una luck o! *laughing*……I’d like to come back here in 3years and comment again.


  5. It’s simple, yes. Lacks depth, yes. Sounds like something out of high school, yes. However, the whole idea of a blog is an ambitious venture. Oprah Winfrey probably started with something as simple as this. The write up will improve with time. By the way mate, you promised us some answers after 10 comments, we’re waiting. Keep it up, tho’.


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