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MAD – Making A Difference

It is that time of the year were great minds are trying to be up to date with things that shape the world, while greater minds are already planning for things that could shape the world in the nearest future. If you are not among this two groups, your brain definitely still got water dripping from its exhaust.

Salute to you all, its your boy Zebira.

Today we would discuss on how to make a difference and why people like new but quality innovations.

We live in a country were we are hardly the first to a first! Why do we go for new things? Why do we change our boyfriends/girlfriends? Why do we need to advertise and flaunt what we got? This questions all boil down to the need to make a difference.

A girl doesn’t say YES to that new guy because he sounds like her ex, or he is stingy as her ex. It’s because there is something in him that makes him different.

Likewise companies advertise because they believe that there is something in their product that makes them unique and special.

We all have a creative and burning desire to do something new, the ability to guide our thoughts and energy to a make a LOGICAL impossibility Possible, is the act of Making A Difference.

What would you be known for? If we mention Michael Jordan, we think of Basket Ball, if we mention Mohammed Ali, we cast our thoughts to Boxing, if you hear Zebira, you say its that Blog Boy, lol. What would you be know FOR? Don’t deal on your weaknesses, Be obsessed with your DIFFERENCE

In all, no matter what you want to do, make sure you are making a difference no matter how small! There is a great risk but the reward is also greater! Remember, Always think Postive, Except it is a HIV result. LOL!!!



Date: Friday, 23rd March 2012
Venue: Monty suites
Time: 5:30pm.
Call 08105723172 for your forms.

tickets at affordable prices.

» CUPID’s Night

Coming soon………

an engr. fuel attendant making a difference

an engr. fuel attendant making a difference


5 thoughts on “MAD – Making A Difference

  1. Wow! Just the kind of inspiration I desperately needed this night!….powerful words man! Your choice of words are getting better. Keep it up!


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