Pains Of Beauty 1

Troubles of a Young Pretty Girl

Troubles of a Young Pretty Girl

Beauty is a state of being beautiful and a beautiful person is one who is attractive †̥o look at. Great beauty in another person inspires all kinds of emotions: admiration, desire, hope, despair and sometimes envy. Both the male and female can be referred to as beautiful and both struggle to be beautiful but today we would focus on the girls. Girls go through much stress to look beautiful, you ‎​see them making expensive hairs, fixing nails, eye lashes, making up etc, all this they do to become beautiful, but why? There are reasons why girls go through all those stress.

I caught up wit Ex Miss Lebokun beauty queen, miss Christy and she was of the opinion that girls are naturally meant to look attractive, it is often noticed that as a girl grows, she starts rubbing powder and getting conscious of her dress sense. She also wants to look as pretty as the girl next door.

Another reason why gals go thru all this stress is to make their fellow girls jealous or feel inferior,girls have dis mentality that being drop dead gorgeous makes jaw dropping girls envious
NB: Girls like being envied.
Another thing about beauty is that it is really powerful. At work, attractive people can receive all kinds of benefits. First of all they may get higher starting salaries, perhaps because their qualifications are perceived as more solid and their potential as greater (this is the halo effect workings its magic). Then, later on, they have an advantage in promotions. A beautiful girl is also more vulnerable to receiving favors from the opposite sex.

But how convincing are these advantages that a girl would go through hours of washing, setting, picking, fixing, tying, manicure, pedicure and braiding just to look pretty considering the disadvantages ranging from Harassment down to envy from peers.

Although beauty can help in the search for a job, it’s not always the case. When employers are making a decision about someone of the same sex, they can let their jealousy get the better of them.

It shows therefore that we perceive beautiful people who are the same sex as a threat.

Also, beautiful women tend to be less fortunate when it comes to jobs that are meant for Masculine builds such as Engineering or Drillers, but this is not the case with men, they can happily apply for jobs as nurses, lingerie salespersons or HR managers without their beauty counting against them.

In all, beauty has its own rosy and dark side, but in whatever we say or believe, everyone is beautiful.

Pay more attention to your self and stay healthy and beautiful. You never can tell who is watching. Watch out for the Pains Of Beauty 2

WARNING: This is just a piece on what I feel and know about beauty, it shouldn’t trigger some girls to go extra miles to look “fair” and “pretty”, like I already see happening around Chemistry Department. Lol

Have a splendid and blessed week. Success to all final year students in their valedictory exams!

Reviewed By Kwinet Jhedira



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