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Unical VS Crutech Divas

UNICAL hotties

UNICAL hotties

I knew my friends would have the laugh of their lives if i told them about this crutech girl I had just met. So wen my phone rang that evening, i knew I was in! I answered the call and the conversation ended with “I’m @ petesvile waiting 4 ‎​you”, and of course they asked who it was, as soon as i said a girl i met at Crutech, there was a sudden roar of laughter! Their expectation, ” a short girl with big eyes and big red bag with red trouser, red slippers, yellow head scarf and green belt. This is the instant picture of a crutech girl by most CALABAR BOYS. While they believe a unical chick in swim suit can make all the boys jump into the water, a crutech girl will change the colour of it. I happened to be in both uni’s at the same time and i can conclude that both girls are hot! Unical got hot Law girls while the Mass Com girls of crutech could make a Prof sing on #lowkey.. Little wonder why D last 3 Miss Crutech emerged from that department. But when it comes to lows, Maths and Statistics girls of Unical and Engineering girls of Crutech all dance to “hu born you” by Wande Coal!!! Well while you decide on which uni got d hottest girl, i and my niggas will keep chasing dem SS 3 swiry pies…. Have a great weekend…..

edited by thonia


14 thoughts on “Unical VS Crutech Divas

  1. Sure both uni’s have cute girls buh unical stands out cuz of dia population. D girls in unical are much more than d girls in crutech so d number of preety girls in unical r more dan d ones in crutech


  2. Guy have u been to CRUTECH since after this post? Try 2 avoid stories that touch o… Coz those Cali-south boys could be dangerous!
    More grease 2 ur elbows bro!


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