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I was a young 16 year old Virgin.

I was smart, jovial and was vibrant like a Ferrari’s engine.

I was loved by everyone and I loved everyone.

I knew life and what it held for me.

I met different kinds of girls, girls who were beautiful, captivating, smart, hardworking, humble, voracious, loud, dull and above all girls who couldn’t meet me expectation of a girlfriend.

I pictured a girl who was as pretty as the 4 o’clock sun, eyes shining like Ivory, skin that never sweat, smart enough to fool me * lol * and got sexy curves like Obudu Ranch Resort Roads, I sure knew this was beyond imagination, but with a state represented by blue ( colour of a perfect sea ) and white, I knew here in Cross River, Calabar lied that perfect goddess that will captivate my heart and fill that vacuum with colors of LOVE…..

Searching for this “Ima Fiop” was a herculean task! Wish I had Merlin powers so I could see the future!

I searched in the church but found girls who were pretty, smart n sexy, but the hardly smiled and sweated even under A.C

I went for fashion shows but found girls that were as flat as my sisters slippers *lol*

I went and got admission in crutech, I nearly thought I was destined to be gay…*lol*

Suddenly……… As I was about to give up my search, something Happened!!!!!! …….

to be continued…..


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